Drug manufacture and POS removal

(Sera Kor-Azor) #1

On another thread, I noticed that with the removal and replacement of Starbases, there will also be the removal of the Hyasoda refineries. Does this mean that drug manufacture is now a thing of the past? Or, does it simply mean that only the ‘big boys’ will be able to get into the lucrative booster manufacturing market?

(Hatsuharu Sohma) #2

This is going to have some assumptions in it, so sorry in advanced.

If I remember correctly drug manufacture is like moon reactions, but without the laser, I.E. you put stuff in a silo, link those to a lab, then another silo for the output, or something like that.

But I do remember that they use reaction blueprints, so rejoice since i’m guessing that the new reaction system will do your wonderful drug stuff as well, like a normal manufacturing job that needed to be in a one of new upwell structures with the service fitted.

Perhaps it has it own service module than a standard moon reaction one?

I suspect that a Dev blog shall explain all once they unveil the refineries completely.

(ISD Aurvandil) #3

You are completely right.
You can see what will be done with reactions in this devblog.