Factory Management V

I decided that I would finally get around to material research on my drug lab blueprint that I bought over a year ago. It’s now saying that as a prerequisite I need to know the skill Factory Management V skill (Requires Corporation Management V and Industry III). I don’t see Factory Management as something I can learn from my skill tab (all skills toggled) and I don’t see it on the market. What gives?

Isn’t a drug lab part of a POS? if so I believe that they killed off reactions in a POS a little while back, you need one of those new moon mining citadels to do reactions.

Yes, it is part of a POS. Guess the game has changed a bit since I last played. So I’m guessing that manufacturing Drug Labs is now obsolete, eh?

Yeah, all that part of a POS is obsolete. New thing on reactions.


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Thank you!

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