DSCAN imbalance

How is it that a Titan and a pod have the same DSCAN ability? Directional scanning appears to be like SONAR for space “One ping only”

I am confident this is a balance measure vs a realistic game mechanic. A tiny pod will not carry equivalent scanning equipment as a 23km long Titan. It seems to me that the DSCAN should be bracketed. Here is a suggested bracketing table:

Pod - 1au
Frigates 3au
Destroyers 5au
Cruisers 7au
Battlecruisers 9au
Freighters 10au
Battleships 11au
Capital Combat Ships 15au

T2 Frigates 4au
T2/3 Destroyers 5.5au
T2/3 Cruisers 9 au
T2 Battlecruisers 10.5au
T2 Freighters 12au
T2 Battleships 13au

Exploration specialized
Covert Ops exploration bonused frigates 5au i.e. Faction, SOE and SOCT
Covert Ops exploration bonused Cruisers 10au i.e. Faction, SOE and SOCT
Exploration bonused battleships 15au i.e. SOE and SOCT

EVE never has been about realism. When it comes to balance vs realism, they are going to go with balance every time. My Vagabond travelling at 13 km/s should instantly vaporize a mining barge when I slam into it as well, but again, EVE isn’t about realism…

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“EVE never has been about realism” – Really?

Why then have missile mechanics accounting for transverse velocity, target size, speed and Projectile mechanics accounting for tracking and heat dissipation. Seems a lot of effort if NO realism is desired.

Missiles and guns also shoot right through asteroids, space stations, and other ships. Line of sight and obstructions aren’t even a consideration. Again, realism is a distant second…

I absolutely agree there is a lot of space magic. As a miner I would love to see collision damage. It would really level the playing field.

You wouldn’t want collision damage. That would mean that no one would ever survive a gank attempt. All I would have to do is slam a Stabber at 8 km/s into a mining barge (or any other ship) and either completely destroy it or cripple it. You wouldn’t even have a chance to respond or defend yourself. Concord wouldn’t even need to show up because both of our ships would be vaporized…

Yes actually I would. If a Skiff is all tank no spank it has Battleship class EHP. It would come down to not only mass but tanking as well. Biggest Passive tank would likely win as reps would not factor at impact.

Again, if you’re going for realism, tank wouldn’t matter. We are talking about ships weighing millions of tons travelling at kilometers per second. It would be like a comet hitting the Earth. Neither ship would survive…

Yet we have lasers ( which IRL are focused light) dealing EM and Thermal damage rather than just themal
We have Railguns which use EMF to propell a metallic object and it does thermal and kinetic damage rather than EM and kinetic damage.
We have projectiles that deal explosive damage rather than kinetic damage.
We have missiles that deal a single type of damage rather than explosive and either thermal or em or both thermal and EM damage.
Caldari missile ships make the lease sense with missile ships that focus on kinetic damage which would imply that the warhead never detonates and simply slams into the targeted ship.

Realism -1
Space magic +1


We need to petition CCP to change the name of EVE to “Sociopathic Space Magicians Online”…

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