Dscan objects question

When I run a Dscan at max range 360 in a high sec area, very often just outside the Dscan sphere it shows the outline of what appear to be be HUGE ships.

Everything else (with in the scan sphere) shows as dots and icons but these show as ships. (I tried to get a screen show but couldn’t)

What am I seeing?


Press “print” on your keyboard, it should automatically put a screenshot in your documents/EVE folder

I have seen this too, it happens too fast to print screen probably. My guess is they are just silhouettes of what was scanned. I see the same thing when I hover over the ships listed in my dscsan.

It’s a visual effect showing the models of the ships within scan range and cone. Like old fashioned radar visualizations. It’s a gimmick not more.

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Yes this exactly.

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