Dual prop cruisers

When and what do you dual prop? I often find an AB useful but don’t see dual props all that often.

Is it a brawler
Is it solo
Is it in nullsec
Does it have more than 3 mid slots

If your answers are yes to all above questions then it’s probably a good idea.


an ab is often used for pve, mwd is often preferred for pvp (much faster)
but if you are scrammed your mwd becomes useless

Right… It’s nice to be able to drag tackle away from fleet or those too often times when I fly too close to the sun and get scrammed.

Dual prop is very strong but is constrained by many factors.

It’s strongest in nullsec brawling where MWD is a necessity while the AB provides additional utility whether that’s an element of speed tanking or being able to escape a scram.

Generally if the ship gets a tracking bonus and has enough mid slots, dual prop with scram can be very strong. The dual prop Vexor Navy Issue by Suitonia is probably the strongest nullsec solo brawler for its price.

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