Which one would you pick for a brawler?

Hi guys! Would like to know your opinion which would be better to add on a brawling ship from these options: Dual Prop (AB+MWD), Dual Webifier, Webifier+Scrambler.

Which one you think could be more useful? Assuming you don’t know how your next opponent will be fitted or how he will jump you. The priority isn’t to kill your opponent but to win and survive the fight, so the Warp Scrambler is optional. However would like to know if you would still use one to disable the MWD of your opponent or would you prefer Dual Webs or Dual Prop instead?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Stereotypical advice: Depends on the hull. Depends where you’re taking fights. Depends which ships you want to engage. Depends what weapons systems you are using. Depends how you pilot the ship.

That being said, even if your goal isn’t to kill them, but to survive, for a brawler that means you are killing them. Brawlers are all in. Unless they are also a brawler, they’ll use range control to gain distance not to run away, but to kill you.

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Brutix, Hyperion, come to mind,

or Hurricane, Cyclone, both good brawlers.

Hecate, Harpy, for Fig size.

Dual webs to gtfo if it goes south.

My favourite being the hecate, mwd/ab/web/scram

With the hecate you got propulson mode to intercept, gtfo

I use dual webs on the loki , but then that is a kiter, not brawler.

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I think the answer to this question is heavily dependent on the max range of your turrets. I was recently fitting heavy neutron on a frigate and another ship was able to stay just out of my range at 8k while also maintaining his scrambler on me.

In regard to use of the warp scrambler, I wouldn’t be so quick to write it off. Even if you aren’t planning on destroying another ship, use of warp scramblers is essential for brawlers because MWDs on other ships would outrun your afterburner 100% of the time. Your fit won’t be effective unless you control range. Anytime you choose not to run a scrambler, I would fit a MWD.

Usually, I try not to fit a MWD because of the drain to powergrid and capacitor. I would much rather apply that powergrid to stronger guns and have longer that I can run modules with the capacitor. I do that though because I only engage ships in situations where I can control the range. Based on you stating you don’t know how you will be jumped I think it would be effective to run a MWD although anticipate having a reduced ability to control range close up if scrambled and not running a dual prop.

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Hecate really shines as a utility/sniper platform.

In the Deimos I am able to use a MWD and get cap stable, so it’s great to get close quickly to the target. And I am still able to fit neutron blasters.

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Nothing because no one brawls anymore

Have fun trying to get in gun range of my loki

against my neuting legion.

In both cases you will die to 600 dps HAMs, totally helpless.

I assume this is for solo or microgang. Otherwise, these complete EWAR sets may not be necessary.

For Lowsec:

For battlecruisers and Larger, AB + Scram + Web + MJD plus whatever else you need is a pretty good start. Add paints or EWAR if need be, and chop off the web on 4-mid ships if you need a cap booster. In general.

If you are warping in on people and want to be able to maneuver into range before nuking people, an MWD MJD Scram configuration might be okay, ut it could very easily get outflown or kited to death.

For Cruisers or below, it is basically what you want. If you are attacking kiters, use MWD Scram. If established in a complex often, or fighting a lot of AB ships, use AB web scram or AB scram, or even AB dual webs. Dual props on frigates are good options for antikite, if you rely on signature tank once you get in range (think SAAR antikite Firetail). Usually if you want to go bigger than that for dualprop you already know exactly what you are doing, with things like the dualprop Hecate, mentioned above, the dualprop Svipul, or the dualprop HAM Osprey Navy Issue.

In Nullsec, MWD web scram is fine for anything fast, but dualprop is very nice when you are slow and want to scramkite. Another option is using ABs on things like the Phantasm or ESS ships. Other than that, though, you are just better off with the MWD. In nullsec, if you are caught you are dead anyway, so the objective is just to not get caught by bubble campers and scramming Ceptors when their kitey fleet is only a minute away.
Nullsec solo pvp is in a wierd place where frigates like to brawl or scram kite, cruisers are almost exclusively kiters, and battleships are back to brawling again.
MJD is a must on nullsec battlecruisers and battleships. When in these ships your main goal is pretty much always to kill whatever is in scram range then GTFO before you get carrier dropped on, BLOPSed on, or otherwise put into an inescapable situation.

Any questions?

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