Gila_ Dual Prop or no

I’m working up some Gila fits. The intent is to keep range on AC/blaster ships using AB+missiles & drones. I find that if I use an AB as well as MWD, I lose a second AIF, and thus about 10K EHP. Wondering if the second prop is worth it. This for local defense, where we can have anything from a bunch of talwars to orthruses with tackle & logi. I want to be able to burn away from the heavies if I get some tacklers on me, or burn out of a bubble when tackled.

Or is it better to forego the AB and go for more shield tank?

I suppose with 4 RLML I should be able to melt a tackler, but the 35-second reload time leaves an opening for someone to hold me down when I need to be moving.

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what else can you swap instead of the invul?

to add, yea it can help man… even though your dps doesnt require much attention to range, as long as you are in fact within the capability of your missiles. ie no falloff or optimal or tracking. but your ship… now that can take damage. a dual prop can help you control better your positioning, even if webbed or should i say the way i think, especially if you get webbed, assuming you will be. So to mitigate that dmg coming in or to burn to a gate while you shoot and deaggro to jump repeat… it could help yea. .02

I could drop a missile guidance comp. Which is more likely, given the relative importance. I like getting extra range but the AIF effect on EHP is huge. Basically, trading range for tank, and as you point out, theoretically, you don’t need tank if you have range. Until you don’t (tackle situation).

Id say tank trumps range in a defensive situation. depending tho on how you define defensive…

" This for local defense,"

combatively speaking, in chinese martial arts for example, the defensive intention is not to continue an attack as long as it is not absolutely necessary.

yeah good point. Defense here is home system def, reaction to raiders. Usually, we set up a formal fleet and engage with some level of confidence that we can disenage as a fleet. Losses are assumed. Other times, it’s take what you have, responding to tackled indybros. OK to run them off, dont always need to brawl, the goal is freeing up the friendly. And I might have to make a run for it if what’s on our guy is more than I can handle. Or I take punishment and wait for reinforcements. It really depends on whether they get tackle on me. I’m not yet thinking about offense (e.g., roaming/hunting) - but in that case I assume we have tackle, and then IMO a brawler is needed (guns or beams) so we can melt the target before tackle gets whacked. DOnt want to wait for missiles.

yea I hear ya. good on you man. Id swap the missile script thingy and dual prop it. :slight_smile: try it out and see how it makes you feel.

Thanks for the sanity check. I’ll be trying it out this wknd.

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well the only way you will know is if you try it out and see if it meets your needs where you live and all.

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