Dumb Mission Box Question

Lately something reset all my preferences in game. Now, when I do a mission, I have to click on the contact, THEN click again on Request Mission for the dialog box to fully expand. Something in my settings skipped this before, so when I clicked on mission, the box was automatically always expanded. Anyone know how / what that setting is to get the box to just automatically fully expand skipping the Request Mission button?

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This is just one example why the developers should not be proud of their work. If this was an example of my UI design, I would be ashamed of myself.

From the Contacts menu (agents tab) I right click on the agent to get the sub menu and left click on start conversation. The only time I get “request mission” button is when the mission is completed and turned in at the station. I usually ignore the window and close it or hit request and accept. I have never been able to skip the request button at this point.

I know if this was my UI, the completed mission info would pop up with the next mission information already present. There would be no request, it would be accept, ignore for now, or close options. Also when you are completely done with any agent, it should not show up in the station listing. This is why I use the address book ( contacts ) to access my agents. From here, I can remove the ones from contacts who have the red flag.

I have been playing Eve for almost 2 years this summer. In that short time of this 20 plus year game, all the UI changes made were just awful or not well thought out. I think the very first thing they changed when I got here was the extra docking splash and sound effect. Shortly after that they made the new Photon UI a permanent solution, ending any option to use the old UI. With all the games settings and options, I still have a difficult time finding the invisible separator between columns to resize them.

You have to slowly hover your mouse over in the subtab heading left and right until the prompt changes to this <—>, it’s a tricky affair but with some patience it is possible.

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Yes, but before (using the old UI) there was no issues as the separators were well defined. I am for user designed UI as seen here in the original version of Guild Wars. This was done by modification to the DirectX 9 and not the game itself. The original tool “TexMod” used was meant for Tomb Raider and in 2012 another tool “uMod” was made compliant with DirectX 10 and 11. The game company states these are “At your own risk” and unsupported, with the policy of “Don’t Cry at Us About It”. As a result, the GUI was completely able to be customized by the users and designs shared on the official wiki.

In the future, I would like to see CCP make the UI fully customized by the players. Currently they attempt to sell us on 2 color options, assuming we are willing to sub omega for it. I don’t want to sound bitter about a free to play game UI, but I hold myself to a high work ethic standard, regardless the value of the end product.

I come from single-player games where the UI’s are what they are and have to make do with them so the EvE’s UI is very elaborate, detailed
and intricate compared to what I’m used to. I like it in the sense that it is already very customizable besides colors and font choice but it is definitely an acquired taste.

That is a recipe for frustration in my experience. I try to let go of things now and be open-minded.