[Dumb question] Ways to make isk solo without corp in 2019 as semi-newbie

Title. Sorry for my bad english. Atm i have around 4 mil SP (mostly in missiles/drones/shields) & ~1 bil isk to invest. I used to farm abysses on gila but after i lost 2 bil worth of ships because i often have connection issues i decided to switch to something else. I look for reliable way to farm isk solo without any kind of help from friends/corps. I read lots of different guides & activity charts but most activities require deep game knowledge/skills and/or corp with their safe to fly territories (nullsec corps, wh corps etc.). For example, I want to try some c3 wormholes on gila, but without being in corp living in wormhole i will die to random gank super fast. Same goes for null ratting - if i will fly into random null i will be instantly killed by its inhabitants.

I actually like this game a lot but the more i learn the more I feel lost. I bought omega yesterday (got isk from null scanning but i hate this activity so much and i will never do it again) but I dont know what to do with it and what can i do assuming my current skills/solo playstyle.

Any advices/help are very welcome!

P.S I`m open to try everything in this game except crafting/mining/market trading

Good join a corp, sounds like a WH corp would suit.

Make your own corp.

Drop an Astrahaus in WH.

Use MCT to train all your toons for max PI skills.

Make P4. 3-6 bil/month. If Astra dies LOLALREADYREPLACED

Ways to make isk solo without corp in 2019 as semi-newbie

Find a rock.
Kill rock.
Sell its remains.

I`m open to try everything in this game except crafting/mining/market trading


Find ship.
Kill ship.

Skin ship (optional)
Sell remains (or melt remains and sell the slag).
Get bounty if NPC


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Sounds you may like the Abyss.
If you run T3 sites, just be careful you take the right gate in the third room.

Solo’s not really how the game is intended to be played. It certainly can be, but it’s not intended.

In HS:
PI will produce income (not a lot of income), missions, belts, incursions. If you find a low traffic system, abyssal sites (beware you’ll be suspect when you come out and free to engage by anyone waiting for you).

In LS:
FW farming, in addition to HS stuff

In JSpace:
PI, combat sites, exploration

Null doesn’t sound like it’s for you; you’ll want to be with a corp there, more often than not. I’m not saying it’s not possible, just that it’s a lot easier in a decent corp.

Definitely sounds like your first stop should be to go live in a hole. I’d suggest you start by joining a chill WH corp, for the established infrastructure, and decide if the playstyle suits you. If it does, you can choose to drop the corp if you want to, find your own hole, and do your own thing.

Then you probably will stay a poor solo guy. :wink: Manufacturing and trade (sans mining) are the best way to riches in EvE without grinding all day.

Thanks for advices! I`ll definitely try fw and maybe combat sites

I really hate people who don’t read the OP before responding.

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Exploration. Cheap ships, cheap implants. Doesn’t matter if you get ganked, you make enough for 20 cheap explo fits on any successful run.

Depending on where you classify PI, WH or null PI is a ridiculously lucrative option, provided you have enough accounts to get a decent P4 chain going without a huge amount of maintenance. I stopped doing PI, but when I was doing it, I’d deal with it once a week. It funded my plex with ease.

It’s also an hour a week where I’m sincerely debating the merits of using a drill on my kneecaps to distract myself from the more unpleasant experience that PI was.

It is very important not to make EvE a second job. Simply buy a subscription and be freed to do things in the game you enjoy rather than grind just to be able to grind for the next month ad nauseum. Perhaps later in your EvE time you will figure out how to plex your account fairly easily, but for now just subscribe and try many things in EvE.

So really:

p.s. - your English seems ok to me. English language is a great tool for different people from around the world to be able to communicate with each other, but it is a bit weird.:slight_smile:
Here is a little present for you, though.

Real question though is what is the correct pronunciation? :wink: Even within the nation where English first formed, there are some pretty solid variations in pronunciation.

Here in Canada, for example, we have a class here in school that we use to help learn how to understand Newfoundlanders. Their dialect and syntax are so wildly different from anything I’d call “English” that it’s practically a different language.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

What makes you think I did not read?

I might need to improve my writing if people misunderstand it.

It’s literally the introduction of his post.

Wow. I don’t know how I didn’t see that. :no_mouth:
I guess I should just go to bed…
Thanks for pointing it out though.

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