Dungeons for small gang

As a player with sometimes small amount of gaming time per evening, it can be difficult to find “fun” activities with my corpmates who can be prepared and done quickly.

With the advent of The Abyss, came a idea : “Dungeons” limited to 5 (random number) people who every participants have a very specific role and use every mechanic of Eve.
So yeah it’s basically like every generic MMO dungeons, of my view Eve online doesn’t have this but have all the tools and assets to a cool thing.

Which form ? (i’ll try to illustrated my idea, isn’t a fixed scenario)

The same as The Abyss, you find a key and you go inside. You’re inside, you need to finish to get out.

The dungeons have a certain number of rooms, after the first one without loot you have to choose between 3 accelerator gates, which send you in different (randoms ? ) rooms (easy, hard or only loot etc …).
Each rooms give you 3 choices until the Boss (one gate remaining).

The loot is in Exploration containers (Relic & Data) with high levels of difficulty, which force a participant to choose a Exploration ship and keep it alive while others needs kills quickly rats.

I could expand more but the main idea is here, a lot of variations can be done. Can be cool if a little random can be intrude, avoiding the “ultimate teams”

How this feature can be positive for Eve online ?

Well, Eve have a lot of gameplay for large scales but not a lot for small gangs. I mean challenging gameplay for small gangs or friends who just wants to do something together without roaming.

Aswell, i would not say Pve is boring but isn’t the funniest part either, this feature can improve a little the pve in Eve.

Thanks for reading.

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Suggest keeping up with updates.
Three pilot abyss filaments are coming.

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You miss the real point of my idea : Isn’t about small party in dungeons, is about merges different mechanics into “small scenarios”. Basically is just a upgrade of actual abyss systems.

I explain my self :

If i take my previous exemple : Loot isn’t only in wrecks but in a high relic and data containers too, so it’s means one of the team party need to fit on purpose to do that and the others needs to compensate.

And you can imagine so many different types of gameplay with all Eve have already :

  1. A Elite Npc that can alpha absolute everything, so the only way is to perma jam him.
  2. A Elite Npc with a absolute active tanking, so the only way is to suck cap or something this way.
    etc …

Pve is almost a story about DPS and tanking aaaand it’s logic, but when you see all the mechanics we have, in Pvp (ecm) , scanning is sad to see this mechanics doesn’t work together at the same time.

Perma jammimg no longer exist, got nerfed. Go read the patch notes

Also, you cant neut out a npc. They only have soft stats.

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Oh this is sad, change rules to abyss region isn’t possible i guess.

Well, so if i understand right, PVE is doomed to be boring. Cool.

Instanced content is ■■■■. Abysmal space was a terrible design choice on their part. Some silly failed attempt to placate the PVE folks.

If it’s limited to 5 people, it’s (effectively) instanced. If it’s not, then it’s not limited to 5 people. Regular escalations will fit this bill nicely already.

That isnt a bad idea but how would that work, you cant just jump everyone into one thing, if ccp developed for that for like a fleet thing, thatd make sence

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