Dynamic Challanges

hi all, so i’ve just seen this video you get if you’re omega and i have to admit its actually a pretty cool thing to see how many jumps, kills and fleet stuff you get over the last year.

which got me thinking “man if only eve was more like this all the time”

which got me thinking about the HOW.

the most common factor in playing eve for players is about what ship you fly, a lot of players will trained into certain ships just because they cosmetically look good.

so what if perhaps in the agency, ideally for veteran players who might not be too sure what to do with themselves, a simple tool can be done to set yourself certain goals.

some goals could be pretty simple “obtain solo kills, double my time in fleet / double the amount of fleets i go on” bridging the gap between player goals and connectivity within the game.

this could then set for you a form of daily or weekly challange in terms of kills for example for fleets, creating entirely player driven content with markers for themselves. based on a players skill and capability, this could potentially further help create bench mark achievements for new players down the line in years to come.

I could see the goal setting thing having some pre-selected ones, but i also see it like a game where you drag and drop words top form a sentence, these words will be affiliated with certain data from within the games core system and will then pump out the next goal on your list based on this information.

so I could put there “be No 1 Nyx Pilot” i’m sure there will be a minimum number of kills which i need to achieve daily to get this. this is obviously a very loose concept, the concept is to help establish and set goals for people (without even trying i have been in the top 24% of certain factors according to my video) and i just looked at it like “huh, i didn’t even know that”

it would ultimately be up to ccp to establish the bench marks or how data was presented to players and shifted around, but knowing where you sit within the ecosystem and specifically further self guidance of what you’re good at could be a big and important factor to peoples game play. i know there is the activity tracker, but this is from my understanding meant to be accumlative over time.

if there was a way to view your own play stats to see how you best apply yourself in the game and set goals and build play style off of that, it could be a hugely benifical thing for players, especially new bros who might not be sure if they want to get into a corporation yet, or some bitter vets, sometimes going at it alone is the best choice but at least if that were the case it would help them generate content for themselves.

TLDR: create an internal system for players to use to help establish goals for themselves within the game, based off of their previous activity data and skills.

this would prevent players from taking time off of the game just to skill up and continue to help create content for people in game.

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Yeah, sometimes players take to the forums to ask what they should do next (it seems to happen after they do SoE epic arc). So, it’s probably not the worst idea to provide some more direction and goals for newer players that it need it. And, hopefully, they’ll begin to find their own motivations and calling as they explore more of what Eve has to offer.

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i think it would be cool if CCP also bought back the in game browser but to a limited extent, where people can if they choose to spend some time learning about the lore in short 5 minute videos, probably sorted by faction.

break it all down into

culture (faction)
technology (understanding and history of how the game’s tech works)
the future. (what this faction is planning on releasing in future if anything)

the future could also lead to understanding or being informed about upcoming events, being able to subscribe to in game events and have them push directly to your character or even mail you a reminder could be interesting to further boost attendance.

“caldari is deploying large forces into system X for mining purposes”
ccp announces changes to this one system in light of the event
Suddenly Trigs
then it becomes an escilation.
different levels of competence required for different grids

asteroid belts being the lowest
moons next
then planets & poco’s
then the sun.

allowing people not just to fight progressively harder AI’s but further more boiling down to isk value, an alpha clone might not have the isk to keep throwing ships into the fight so by dicecting the grid like that could make for very interesting combat in future events.

would mean if you had any form of stake in that system then it’s worth protecting.

TLDR: just further thoughts of how it could be developed or utilised, not only could it help guide players by setting goals, but with the right set up you could then see influx of player activity during certain events. which i just think it would be cool.

if videos are too much to produce then perhaps a chance to recieve notifications in game relating to events could also be cool. other than mission grinding, could lead to some alternate forms of gaining standings.

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