Dynamic Station Interior (and no, I dont mean WIS)

There is something boringly claustrophobic about being docked. You stare at a spaceship and spin it. It seems when WIS got shelved, CCP missed the point. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. This is what I mean:

These stations are huge and beautiful. I’m left wanting to explore it. I don’t need a first or third person camera or avatar to do so. Just static shots of the interior of the station will do, much like the docking bay.


Click the icon of interest, and a slow fade to black and there you are at the section of the station you want.

When manufacturing, the screen will switch over to the section of the station having to do with manufacturing. When dealing with the market, again the screen switches to the part of the station having to do with marketing. The “customization” icon already works in this manner.

The station section can be somewhat interactive and “alive.” Even choose a center-point where you can spin your camera to look around.

You don’t need WIS for this to happen. Just some imagination and it will give the act of being docked at a station be a little more immersive without the need for an avatar to be walking around.

Of course the option to revert back to the old way of doing things will be there, but if done right, players will enjoy the immersive experience of the daily spreadsheet grind but with a dynamic backdrop.


WIS should probably have been a stand alone game sort of how World of Warcraft was WIS for the Warcraft universe (3 Warcraft games came before World of Warcraft)

More on topic: Some of the icons and shortcuts in the station panel are kind of bloat because most players probably have them on the neocom as well. Its like having two start menus or task bars with the same short cuts.

It would be interesting to hear why it was decided to make the icons without color as well :slight_smile:

Last but not least, OPs idea is cool, but having to wait for a 3D scene to load before you can open clone bay, industry or LP store etc. might not be attractive to anyone in the long run even if it just takes a second or 2. Its possible docking times could also increase depending on how its implemented but i could be wrong. Have a nice day.

There was a time when you could disable 3D interiors and you would get a image of them instead when docked. This should be brought back imo

I will walk myself out

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