[DYVN] Defying Vision is Recruiting Pilots! USTZ

Bumping this up. Check us out!

Fun, laughter…check us out.

Lets keep it going!

hi! I’m possibly looking to come back to eve again lol I think your alliance may be what I’m looking for. I want pvp plus low sec sites and some moon mining when my brain Hurts to much from work haha. I’ll try to message you when I’m in game. I’m us tz by the way

Sounds good, just hit me up or jump in our discord.

Bumping this up. Keep’em Coming!

bumping up…lets go again.

Interested. :slight_smile:

Come talk with us. We have some great things happening.

Bunch of good guys here. We do a little bit of everything. With the alliance we work with makes it so there’s always folks active at almost all times of day. If you want a community of great folks in low-sec, swing by and have a chat. Came back from a long hiatus just to meet these folks that keep me coming back every day.

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excellent community, lots of money to be made tons of fun, join up

Lets keep it going. Come chat with us

lots of fun to be had in low sec!

Recruitment has been re-opened. Come check us out!!

Lets go again…bumping this up. Feel free to hit me up for convo if interested. Check out our discord as well.

Feel free to jump in our discord and shoot me a msg if interested.

New Bro’s are welcome. Moon’s to mine…Fleets to go on and Rats to kill. Check us out!

Casual Group looking for new members to join us in our Low Sec home. PVP/Industry/Mining/Ratting/Etc.
Those that join us and would like to assist with areas such as recruiting, logistics, etc. Let me know.
Video creation and editing a plus. New bros are welcome also. Send me a msg in game or join our discord.
Discord and TS3 required.

Good People, Fun Fleets…Check them out!

Come Check us out!!