E-FED Alliance looking for Corporations that are wanting make their mark!

Eastern Federation is currently looking for new corporations to join our growing alliance!

We are an alliance based in Curse/Scalding Pass region and we are looking for -PvP- corporations to join our alliance.

The THUNDER-DOME awaits you!

Things we offer your corporation:

  • Null space for ratting and mining.
  • Citadels with services supporting industry, refining and moon mining.
  • Alliance staging is in close proximity to other major alliance spaces so easy access to content
  • Our Active TZs are EU and USTZ.

Things we expect from your corporation:

  • Your corporations principle activity should be PvP, but we wont turn away industrialists either!
  • Your corporation must be self sufficient
  • Your corporation must maintain 50% of your real human activity each month.

Eastern Federation Alliance want your corporation! We provide endless content with massive opportunities for growth, if you think your corporation is the right fit then stop by our Discord.

In the end its the search for active content that keeps this game alive!
If your jus tlooking to give nullsec a try or to make a change from the BIG BLOC warfare give us a shout!

Contact Gralek Mena (US) or Panda Pelling (EU) to discuss your corporations next opportunity!

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