Earning Isk

N.B. You need to find a corp that isn’t just a clique of boomers who effectively use you as perimeter eyes while they hog all the combat sites, i.e. the corp I left to go solo and have tripled my income since doing so.

To be honest: Two screens and a scouting alt are very welcome :wink:
But every player (not char!) should get a share if you want reliable scouts and happy corpmates.

My $0.02: Don’t even try to plex your account, especially as a newbro. It’s just not worth it.
ISK2.3(?)b/month is a lot to grind.
You’re putting yourself on a fast track to burning out on the game.
I have seven accounts. I can grind enough isk to plex an account in under two hours multiboxing a c5 wormhole krab’fleet.
I just pay for my subscriptions. A few hours overtime a week at work and it’s done.
The isk I grind ingame funds my ships and various running costs and let’s me build up some bank. There are numerous things I’d prefer to do rather than krab.
Yes, it’s possible to plex your accounts. Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should do the thing.
EVE has a lot to offer and all kinds of pve and pvp fun to be had.
EVE is a longform game. After a few years, isk seems to start taking care of itself.
Get out there and enjoy the game instead of turning it into a poorly paid second job. A second job that’s only benefit is to allow you to play the game.

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OK, just so you’re aware that while you may not seek out and enjoy pvp, pvp will seek out and enjoy you.
You explicitly consent to pvp in all areas of the game when you click “undock”.
In hisec, CONCORD is retribution, not prevention. Players can, and will, attack and destroy you in hisec in the full knowledge that they will lose their ship.
EVE is 100% a pvp game.
You need to understand and accept this simple fact, regardless of your personal playstyle and preferences.

stick to the topic

I’m going to have to assume you’re currently an Alpha account.

In that case the three best options I can think of for you to make bulk isk quickly are:

1: Scamming.
2: Market trading and arbitrage.
3: Selling porn of yourself for ISK. (This has actually been done in this game before. How an EVE player is funding his spaceship business by making amateur porn | PC Gamer )

Don’t be lazy and be like the other guy, isk is not going to make you happy in New Eden!

If you really want to plex your account via earning isk you need to figure out how you want to play this game.

The Ultimate Destination for Public Fleets - you can always come out to one of our public fleets. All fleets have handouts of some sort and earn anywhere from 20m an hour onwards of 60+ million an hour (incursions can earn more depending on a bunch of factors, you need to go to our Discord and flip through the log books for the various fleets). I’m working on putting up the documentation for wormhole ratting fleets this week, there IS a fleet tomorrow. Check the PVE discord ping.

To join, just show up in a doctrine ship or borrow one (incursion and FOB you do need a deposit of 250m that you get back after fleet when the ship is turned back in). All fleets start with a newbro speech.

With this being said, let me just add a tiny bit of insight I have from running this project for the last 2.5 years. Almost every single new player I’ve encountered that wanted to earn isk in order to PLEX their account have burned out and left. Is it possible? Sure. Is the fun per hour there? Probably not.

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I consider grinding for more ISK pointless if you don’t want to explode it in PvP. PvE content in EvE except the occasional events is super boring IMO. Else everything can make you ISK, the best outcome for invested effort is probably market trading and production. Second best surly is Pochven. Third place I would put on the seasonal events.

When I was new, I started isk doubling.

Social engineering is not everybody’s cup of tea. I tried a few times to sell permits and almost convinced some random that I’m owning Tama, but nobody wanted to pay me. :frowning:

EDIT: I once got paid for not killing a cyno …:smiley:

To expand on earlier trading suggestions, some things to consider:

You can make ISK by buying things in trade hubs and putting them up for sale in Null.

To caveat this: Consumables sell better than ships.

So what I do is get myself a Hoarder and fill it with Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missiles. These are approximately 98ISK in Jita. You can get approximately 3 million of these missiles into the hoarder’s ammo hold, at a cost of around 294m (at 98 per missile)

These missiles deal Kinetic Damage which matches up to Serpentis rats, which are the predominant rats in Syndicate.

I take the missiles through the ‘pipe’ (PF-346 and FD-MLJ)

I unload in X-M2LR and put them on sale for 200 to 250 isk (depending on how many others are already on the market)

These will then sell sporadically; you can’t predict it, some days they’ll sit like a dead walrus, other days you can’t seem to restock fast enough.

I choose a station I know is central to others; in X-M I will see traffic from BMNV, RF-GGF, A9D-R0, 0LTQ-C and others in the surrounding area.

I find consumables move, a ships sit static forever - people in Null often have a ‘guy’ (like Myszokar, for example) who makes and sells ships already fitted, also there’s much less profit in it than consumables.

To increase your chances:

  • Travel the area, learn the players, find out what stuff they use most often (for example, a lot of Navy Exeqorors may mean ‘Medium Void S’ ammo is on the menu).

  • Stick to things that there aren’t a lot of in the market - If 100 guys are all selling the same item, the potential sales base is spread too thin to be worthwhile)

  • If you can, buy up ALL of the item you plan to sell to take them off the market in the surrounding stations and then put your own up for sale. Making sure that for this item, you are the only game in town.

  • Get your gear onto the player facing side of whatever ‘pipe out of null’ you live near; for example, there’s no point in me listing things for sale in Orvolle if I’m wanting buyers from K5-JRD to buy them.

  • Don’t go mental - Just because you can find a way to move twice as much stock does not mean you should. You are going to get ganked, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day soon and for the rest of your life… Keep transport values under 500m (adjust risk appetite accordingly)

It’s not steady/guaranteed ISK (which irks me somewhat as i like consistency) but you can be in the middle of a combat site and all of a sudden 100m ISK lands in your wallet, which is a nice feeling.

Repeating for truth.

Focus on your fun/hour rather than your ISK/hour and you’ll stay in this game much longer and enjoy it far more.

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There is an real easy way to get omega, plex, and isk.

Spam chat in various areas every few hours.
Everyone will hate you but you get want you want easily.

Fun is worth way more than isk