Earning profits from mining

I started out eve a few months ago and I decided to do mining for my main profession. However, I can’t quite know how to earn or mine enough items for the procurer. And I am starting to feel a bit burnt out… What should I do and how should I progress?

Honestly mining for profit will get you nowhere in HS. Unless you start to invest in other characters to help mine. I would try get a second account up and running. You will notice a huge difference in what you can do!

Mining is so much more then hitting the rocks. It ties in with PI, Industry, Moon mining, reactions, and ship/module building.

Find an industrial corp to help Like not just a casual miners group but a really serious one that actually tries to work together.

Finding a good active corporation is one of the best ways to progress in the game, no matter your goal. They will do things like have mining fleets going with boosts, will be able to provide you fitting and skillplan advice, compress or haul ore for you, and you’ll be able to build some bonds with players in a way not possible on the forums.

Mining tends to scale with people at a certain point, but it can be done solo. At that point, it is more for the fun of “try to survive” than the profitability. Taking a Venture to low sec and seeking out Crokite / Dark Ochre anomalies, for example. Learning to speed tank any rats so you can be slippery and take your ore back to hi sec.

I recommend against sitting alone in hi sec as a new capsuleer and thinking the road to riches is paved in Rich Plagioclase. To try to coax people out of that rut, I spent a week offering free public mining boosts in Heimatar at one point. Sadly, for every Venture that joined, there were 5 that were scared and warped away to another belt in the same system to continue sitting alone, mining. :frowning:


Indeed, I will agree with all comments and advise provided here.

Playing Eve solo is possible however most cases such as mining. It is best to look at getting Alt (2nd character) to boost your mining which what I did in the beginning of my Industry/Mining career in New Eden… until I found myself boosting other players in those belts in HS and we eventually started a corp together.

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If you want to make isk mining find a NS organization. In HS you are making about the lowest isk/hr of any activity in eve.

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I agree with the advice you’ve been given so far, especially about finding a corp that can nurture you. Highsec income pales in comparison to nullsec, but it’s still possible to make a profit in highsec–just not as big as elsewhere.

If you can find a corp with industry, reprocessing, hauling, and some sort of standardized buyback–like “We’ll buy your ore for 85% Jita buy price” or something–then that can be a consistent income for you, if not a large income.

A lot of being profitable in highsec involves the slow and tedious grind. It’s definitely an incentive to move into nullsec, where even a little moon, ice, or gas mining can turn a big profit, provided you can survive.

One reason my corp is trying to move back to nullsec is because of the opportunities nullsec provides, from profitable mining to a driving need for industry and market goods. As a highsec miner, you might consider what sorts of highsec ores might be useful in nullsec, then familiarize yourself with wormholes and how to use them.

I’m not sure where you are skill wise…

So, assuming you’re mining in a venture… there is no way around it is slow… and once you get used to the procurer it will feel slow too…

You could do some mining missions to break it up (the LP could be used to get implants to improve your mining) or even do a few combat sites that are close by then back to mining

Do you know how and where to compress ore? Player station with reprocessing rig

ice mining… gas huffing (learn to scan those down)

there’s plenty of other good suggestions above…

I’ll end with this if you are tired of mining go do something else

Can you tell me a good place to find those corps? Because I cant find them…

English recruitment channel in game. or the recruitment center on these forums.


As a solo miner in HS, don’t focus on profit right away.

Do mining missions for LP and lvl4 missions. Convert LP to profits to buy better mining ships or implants so that you skill up faster. Make sure to also train the appropriate Social skills Connections/Negotiation/Mining Connections to get more LP/isk reward/faction standing.

The Faction standing will serve you well later on if you branch out into trading, placing orders or pickup datacore farming through R&D missions. Do some research on which NPC corp you pick for the best LP rewards and/or datacore farming lvl4 agents.

After your skills catch up, move from ore to ice and gas for larger profits. If sticking with ore, be sure to train into Skiff, also train into Reprocessing 5/Reprocessing Efficiency 5/then all the high sec ore processing to lvl4 so you can use T2 strip miners and the appropriate T2 crystals for max yield (less you have to stay in the belt the better).



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