Ease of ingame menus (crafting etc..)

Problem: So one of the things that still irks me about the gameplay in vanguard is the clunkyness of the in-game menus.
Menus shouldn’t impede a players ability to move and currently it does.

Now the method of how the menus are structured is useful for putting together a system that doesn’t impede player movement it just needs to be implemented correctly.

Current Situation: The fact I have to move my hand away from WASD to hit escape to move backwards out of menus is the first cardinal sin.
The second is that I’m having to move a cursor to an option to select it. Sometimes clickable menu options aren’t the preferred or best solution. When you prioritise a players mouse input from rotating their character you need to remember that seriously impedes a player from being combat capable.

Consideration: Obviously if a player is having to do or use something that does impede his characters movements then there should be a viable gameplay reason to do so. Queueing up ammo builds or accepting a contract isn’t one of them. Configuring a piece of external equipment or engaging the use of some vehicle or device would be a viable thing that temporarily restricts player movement.

Solution: So my proposal is that you use the left and right click as a forward and backward in the menus and the mouse wheel up and down moves up and down the options.
Left click selects, right click acts like ‘esc’ key does currently and goes back in the menu tree.

There may have to be a key bind for cancelling build jobs starting with the most recent queued until the current in build job, but its much less important than movement in an FPS game.

this will free up a players forward back and strafing movement as well as their turning and pitch via the mouse axis movements, meaning you can even queue up ammo restock builds whilst moving from cover to cover. pretty slick!