Easy FW Win

Give us faction contracts to ease mixed group logistics in FW.

In a perfect world contracts with ACL would be amazing for all eve coalitions and tons of alliances in high, low, null and j space!


Can you explain a bit more when you say this? What do you mean by “contracts”?

yeh was kinda confused as to wtf he meant

The item exchange contracts that can be used by corps and alliances to list dozens of reships at fixed price in a station.

Are you not able to do this already?

No, can make corp contract, alliance contracts, or contracts open to all.

I cannot make a contract open only to members of the Amarr Militia to the exclusion of all others.

OIC, seems reasonable. You could offer reships NPC corp faction members.


Ok, that’s fair. Been a while since I’ve actively participated in Faction Warfare and can understand the appeal for that.

Yeah, if you’re sieging a system and opening fleet to general militia, being able to list a couple hundred reships at cost means you can get into a uniform(-ish) doctrine and have reships without having the same few dudes pony up a few bil ISKs and hand out ships.

Otherwise a mixed militia fleet is a whole lot of useless with 2/3 of the fleet having the complete wrong ship type for whatever needs to be done right now and needing to reship 15 jumps away in Amarr/Hek/Rens/Jita.

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Which anything that encourages mixed fleets is a good thing, way to often individual FW members don’t participate in fleets.

I do think this is a good idea, it would help in selling ships directly to faction members instead of say, maybe pirats in Tama etc

No, this is a good idea, can deffo see this being a thing if people push this enough - Nice idea mate, really nice idea.

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I dont do faction war… but this idea sounds very useful and in sync with the factionwar gameplay. Of course you would only want to supply members of your own faction, and restrict your enemy from accessing these contracts.

+1 from me,
and a /salute for actually being a sensible idea on this forum.

With how old the contract code is and the far larger problems with fw I don’t see this coming any time soon.

It’s not a new idea. How many years do they want!!?

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