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As an older player that has spent most of my time carebearing due to the simple fact that just learning how to PvP effectively has a massive learning curve. I would like to see ccp use a system similar to the filament PvP idea but run all the time and be tuned to just t1 stuff. One v one would be fine and they could even break it down to frig/ destroyer / cruiser categories. Most veteran PvP players are going to say just buy 10 frigs and go lose them or join FW. I totally understand that! But I know from personal experience that most players don’t want to find a trade hub build a bunch of ships and then fly all over looking for a fight that is probably just one sided to begin with. We all want the game to grow and all low and null players want more players to venture out into space giving us more to shoot at. So why not promote players to quickly build some ships, pop a filament, learn what works for them and then be able to confidently seek out fights in space. I think of this more like other mmos that have instanced arenas or battle grounds. They could go as far as having everyone’s name just be citizen whatever to keep killboards from looking bad or groups of players taking advantage of people that are just trying to learn. I don’t think they should add any kind of reward system to this for winning matches, maybe a k/d ratio but keep it simple and useful. Thanks

You know filaments exist? You can yeet into busy nullsec or Pochven and look for fights. In FW you can join the pirates and stage in Zarzakh and get instantly transported to the frontlines. Did you know there are markets in the FW area where you can buy ready to use fitted ships? Never before in EvE was it easier to get into some action. But keeping mostly true to the sandbox.

How do you think the veterans got to that point, in a much harsher environment in the past? By trial and error, and self-organization or together with space friends/mentors. You can’t skip learning. Try joining one of the many NPSI fleets, or join a PvP oriented corp to help with advice and logistics. It’s so easy to get into these days.

Arena style gameplay is incompatible with open world PvP. Players can only be in one place, in the arena or in the open world, there is no inbetween. Plus there is little experience sharing. Fostering arenas risks letting the open world’s population fall below the critical mass of content creators … happened to lowsec when arenas were first introduced by CCP.


I agree with you that fights are easier to find than they were in the earlier days. This would just be a proving ground for people to learn basic fighting mechanics in cheap ships. Like I said I understand there is faction warfare but in my experience with it was like anything else in eve, experienced players don’t take fights that they will lose and rookie pilots seldom get the opportunity to really test their build/ learn the ropes before becoming space dust. The fights change in every battle so they constantly think that what they built or learned was wrong. Why not give the opportunity to build something they like,practice it in a more controlled environment. It’s just an idea that I think would help get more people into PvP combat.

I would think every decent PvP corp would provide such opportunity, train with your space friends. No need to have dev time wasted for something players can organize themselves if it is only for educational purpose.

The excuses documented in this thread thus far:

  • “they have blinged out ships”
  • “it wasn’t a 1v1”
  • “their ship was bigger/quicker”
  • “the trade hub is too far away”
  • “it takes too long to find a fight”
  • “the fight is going to be one-sided anyway”
  • “my killboard is going to be ruined”
  • “groups will kill me”
  • “I’m going to get turned into space dust”

If you add an instanced 1v1 T1 arena, it’s just going to be smurfed to death by experienced min/max PvP players and the same people making the above excuses will just add:

  • “The arena is too hard”
  • “That PvP doesn’t even matter”

And they still won’t go out shooting.

The problem isn’t the game, it’s the people and the community they choose to surrounded themselves with.

It’s just an idea to try and get players that aren’t comfortable with some of the game mechanics to help understand them and to better the player base. It wasn’t a complaint. If you are going to be a Debbie downer go troll somewhere else! Why not promote players to learn to fight in cheap t1 fit ships

join Spectre Fleet, go to Ahbazon, blap.

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Just join a group that does pvp.

I do, already. No CCP intervention required.

It is not a troll. Your idea is not new, in fact it’s already been brought up at least twice this year, and it’s not my fault if you aren’t participating in the existing community and discussion about it, and can only call people “Debbie Downers” or “trolls” instead of earnestly engaging.

Here’s a concrete answer for you: try to mentor someone brand-new from the game. Both of you start on alpha accounts. Teach them about solo and duo frigate PvP, then go out and get them their first frigate kill. Let me know how it goes, and we can compare notes.

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They did this with abyssal proving ground events and a queue system.

CCP had 1v1s 5v5s FFAs you name it from all ships from frigates to battleships.

Sadly, it failed because people with multiboxers obviously exploited the queue system and the skill issue was hard as there was no way to determine skill like in other games. It also failed because noone liked a queue system in such a free flowing MMO like EVE online. Interest tanked HARD and CCP stopped running the events.

Now you know OP. Enjoy.

Rewards for proving grounds were ISK, SP, and Skins and there was a leaderboard still found in your neocom.


CCP also used to have a server with a copy of EVE. A sort of test-bed to tinker with new and not so new things before they would go live.
Some people used that server to trail and error to good success.

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Have you thought about NPSI? - Go take a look here, you can easily team up with people and go along to fleets and meet other brave capsuleers who like to pew pew!

NPSI Community Gateway

Every now and then the playerbase votes via participation and CCP is sent a clear message about shoving crap down our throats that is unwanted.

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