ECM Balance Pass - November


(Litsea Reticulata) #41

Classic Kite vs Brawl engagements.

Damps stop kiting
ECM stops brawling

Seems a lot more thought needs to be put into small gang engagements with these ECM changes.

(Litsea Reticulata) #42

Damn right. A ECM pilot has to train way more skills than the other factions do before they’re as effective, its one of those aspects of EVE where the imbalance isn’t just in the module, but the skill train to use them too.

(Litsea Reticulata) #43

That would be a nice QOL improvement, right now people are carrying extra jams and trying to refit off a Nestor or mobile depot which is another hurdle I think only a curse/pilgrim has to deal with when swapping between turret/missile disruption modules.

(elitatwo) #44

Only if you use her wrong. Take another look at the traits tab and read very carefully.


@CCP_Rise please make a tiny change to all ECM ships that they cannot undock with any armor plates or eanms on.

(Rovinia) #45

lol, he wanted numbers, so i gave him both possibilities for comparison. Afterwards the talk was about tank comparison to ravens and Rokh, so i stayed with that example. Mids are for jammers, everybody knows that.

(elitatwo) #46

However, if you want your ecm boat to miss every time you fit 6000 plates on for much tank and stuff.

(Rovinia) #47

Two Medium Particle Dispersion Augmentors combined with 6 Jammers did the trick for me.

(elitatwo) #48

Well that all depends on what you are doing. After a nice chat with @Lugh_Crow-Slave about Black Ops and the Widow, I changed a few things on my current torpedo fit and 1333dps sound okay in my book.

You can fit ecm modules on both of the Scorpion hulls but they both do much better with an ecm-burst - which annoys everyone within 40km and is a good way to disrupt logi or the siren’s song of doom.

If CCP is hellbent on keeping the RNG-jesus ecm mechanic, I want the energy neutralizer, tracking and guidance disruptors, dampeners, stasis webifiers and grapplers, long points and scrams to fail 89% of the time, to make them comparable to ecm.

(King Voodoo) #49

Why not give ALL EWAR ships a faster spooling MJD drive all of them would open up some crazy game play. And remove ewar from widow move bonus to scorpion.

(Tevo Hyalhi) #50

Something, anything, to help counter those blessed ECM drones would be appreciated.

(Llewen Faerlyght) #51

Doesn’t the GNI range penalty still render it basically useless, even with these changes?

(Dantelion Shinoni) #52

Thanks the Gods!

(Njiuvila) #53

Does this includes “Burst Jammers”?

(Abraham Israel) #54

I was afk a couple months and came back to useless ECM fitted to all my solo ships.
MORE people should be solo pvping, not less. This nearly killed the game for me.

(zluq zabaa) #55

I like the other changes, but this seems pretty extreme.

As I understand it, such a strong bonus to optimal range will kind of negate the intention to shoot back at the one jamming you. Kitsune, Blackbird, Jamgu and others will easily get Optimal Range on ECM that is outside of most targets weapon or even targeting range.

I would have thought if anything, it’s time to make ECM ships commit than just stay away further, while being stronger in every sense.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #56

from what I understand, those were not affected in the October pass.

(Takita Allas-Rui) #57

Make change that entire jamming become useless, and than trying to bring it back.
Thanks for attempt.

(Khan Wrenth) #58

Day late and a dollar short, but hey the changes look surprisingly decent. How they’ll play out in practice may be different, but these look like solid changes, at least for first iteration. Other people have already pointed out that some ship role bonuses might have to change to give them solid niches to work within, but hopefully that’s part of the “further changes” that might come later.

I’m still a proponent of removing the racial jammers and leaving only multispec - freeing up midslots to actually fit that shield tank. I said that should happen in conjunction with a buff to ECM strength and fitting resources - both of which are already present here. So…it feels so close to fruition. But the problem is that as long as racial jammers are left in, they will still be considered the baseline ECM strength other ships have to account for, meaning that multispecs are still going to be much less effective. That is because ECM pilots will feel obligated to bring racials under most circumstances, and CCP is going to keep balancing ECM strength and sensor strength against them.

Nonetheless it’s enough of an actual balance now that I’m satisfied with the result. Now if CCP would rescind their nullification changes, that’d be super.

(Bluedagger) #59

@CCP_Rise the Tengu also has an ECM subsystem. Will it be receiving PG increase and signature decrease as well?

(Old Pervert) #60

■■■■ T3Cs. They can all go die in a fire.