ECM Balance Pass - November


(Salt Foambreaker) #161

If you just learn the skill every couple of cycles fails. This wasn’t broken, it was user error, specifically an undocking error, they undocked unprepared and died.

(Nevyn Auscent) #162

So the fleet on grid first cant be jammed at all as they have had their jammers pre jam them to build resistances… Sounds a great plan.

(Nikodiemus) #163

I figured someone would come up with that and was gonna add in ewar strength of that type returns to normal over time, I just didn’t. If someone wants to prejam their entire fleet or even the most important bits in the limited time before a jam heavy fleet lands and they are that organized and capable, let them try. That really sounds like something that works better in your head than in practice, but again, I neglected to say “it’s not permanent”.

(Nevyn Auscent) #164

WH infinite tracking bug required the same level of organisation to use.
So yeah…