EDENCOM in ISIS has major quality issues

Have a look at this thing:

If you feel odd, then you are right. Something is wrong with the ISIS screen for EDENCOM.

Sprites for EDENCOM are missing:

1. There is no faction ISIS icon for EDENCOM, and EDENCOM uses faction icon instead, while all other factions have one.

2. There is no background dark watermark for EDENCOM in ISIS, and EDENCOM uses faction icon instead. For all other factions, their background watermark is dark gray regardless of the color of their faction icon. For EDENCOM this thing is abnormally bright being a background and just hurts people's eyes.

3. There is no role ISIS icon for Vorton Projectors, and Vorton Projectors use Hybrid Turrets icon instead, while all other icons are unique.

No idea why CCP just leave us these missing assets. Though this is entirely a render experience issue and does not interfere with gameplay, it is still so annoying. It would be nice if it is done well.

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