Editing posts

I seem to have lost the ability to edit a post:

I update it about ones every day or so but now the pencil icon is gone (and also from others too like the main/title post).

Is there a limit on how many edits you can make or a time limit?

Rather annoying IMO…


ps. I edited this post just to show that the ability is still available…

I have also lost the ability to update some of my posts. Also curious if there is a limit.

If you reference this thread, CCP Aurora confirms they are playing with settings on forum user ranks and trust levels in terms of both giving users new powers (which we begged them to revoke after demonstrated how they could be abused and them some users straight up abused them immediately) and by limiting functionality of existing users. The inability to edit posts is probably due to having a low trust level after these changes. @CCP_Aurora can you confirm?


TY…that makes sense…ty…

@CCP_Aurora if this is the case, you need to have a mechanism in place for people to petition to be given higher access. Please refer to the link in my OP and you’ll quickly see why it’s important.


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Even though I haven’t been moderated, I lost a trust level, so I’m not happy with Aurora’s changes right now :frowning_face:

Is there a way to gain the ability to edit back? I really need this.

Not that I’ve seen…it’s pretty effing annoying…@CCP_Aurora is just as crappy too considering how big of a change this is.

Same problem here. Can’t edit my recruitment post anymore… Any solutions?

Flag the first post of the thread for moderation, Other: ask to unlock to resume using thread. I did this recently and the thread was promptly unlocked.

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