EvE forums hacked?

EvE forums are being hacked?

whats up with these emojis ?

Not hacked. “Veterans” were granted powers to edit the thread titles and categories of posts made by other users. Some Veterans are abusing this power by vandalizing thread titles.

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nana_skalski is changing the titles on forums… help !?

This is not a bug, this is a feature. It was released intentionally, but we are trying to convince CCP to disable the feature in this thread:

I am not changing them, I am only adding some artistic fluff.

hacker !!!

I am not!

I have these powers granted to me by all-powerful @CCP_Aurora.

I earned them!

I am the worthy!


Like I said, not hacks

u probably hacked CCP_Aurora and now hacking everyone’s titles hacker !!!

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There was even - very briefly - a wiki feature that allowed the POSTS themselves to be edited by users other than the ones who posted them… but we convinced Aurora to disable them after myself and at least two others tested them.

madness !!!

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BTW, I changed the title to reflect more who may be responsible for this change.

O_o no fair how? why? CCP ? some1? x_X

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Its not me, I only use my powers. Responsibly.

I just like it more with emojis.

THIS is why we can’t have nice things…


Id like this thread more, but I have to be responsible for my likes, so now only posts GUARANTEED not to get flagged should be liked.


:red_circle: I wonder if liking a flagged post counteracts the flagging so that you could keep your Pseudo-Mod status? :thinking:

Are some people still editing that title? Because I dont. :psyccp:

And I am still seeing it changing.

OP, have some nice music to listen to, till its all over.


:grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing: