Thanks CCP Aurora for playing the game. Loads of Respect

If you guys have not seen this you need to listen. The Uprising Begins with CCP Aurora | Talking in Stations Weekend Report Nov. 06th 2022 - YouTube
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Has she ganked a venture?

Dought it but I beat she does real PVP

LOL. It is all a game. None of it is real.

LOL at least she worked during the two years of lock downs. And now we find that she plays the game. Live it Learn it Love it and prosper. Snarky Snark snark snark

She took away my “Veteran” forum title. I will snark if I want to.

All PvP is real PvP :smiley:

Have you really sunk this low: Celebrating an employee playing the game they work on.

No disrespect to CCP Aurora intended, it’s just that if she’s earned applause it is probably for literally any of the other things she does. The minimum bar for any CCP employee should be “know your own game” and then kudos or jeers earned from there.


What does this mean? Are you literally making fun that people got laid off during a health crisis? Whats wrong with you?

Ole Tenger is most likely a distinctive flavor of American :smiley:

:worried: What happened?
Don’t have to say, I’m curious to a fault.

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There was a time on this forum, a couple of years ago when we were very -ahem- rowdy. CCP Aurora was brought in and shortly thereafter there was a major cleanup of the major offenders. I was a minor offender, so I only got a warning, but a lot of other people got permanent forum bans. So many, many witty voices lost forever.


That’s horrible. Also, can’t imagine this forum being rowdier, must’ve been harsh. No wonder the ISD are strict now.

Some of us clawed our way back into the forum after the bird gave us the boot due to pointing out his faults on a regular basis. Then he was gone and I was back.

Whoda thought?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

It was crazy. I called some annoying PvE carebear an “infantilizaed man child” - the other people were much more colorful than I. One guy basically just told everybody to “f-off”. He did this on almost every thread, day in and day out. Whenever somebody said they were quitting, he would tell them “good riddance.”

The forum is very polite these days, in comparison.

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I’d say nuanced.

You can still be a total dick. You just need to know how to walk the line.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I enjoy the way you sign your posts, Mr Epeen.

Ganking isn’t PvP though. Ganking is seal clubbing.

Carebears again. I wonder how long that animosity has been running. Perhaps since a change in mechanics was introduced. You all calling each other bad guys isn’t going to do anything positive but get players incensed and banned. Not good for a game’s reputation.

Someone with a bone to pick with the whole world. Not a happy guy.

It’s got just enough drama to keep me interested.