What is this?

What is this and how do i get this and can mine say “Super Nice Guy”???

Preferences > Title

There is only one choice, I think.

I do not have the “Title” section in my preferences tab on the forums.

After email and before recently used devices?

This is what it looks like to me.

Check your Badges. Do you have a Veteran badge? If not, then you can’t assign the title to yourself.

Its a tag we get for being arsehats! :joy:

I didnt ask for it, but turned it on anyway… :wink:

I’ve been stripped of my Veteran title.

What the hell is that. What the hell is trust level 3. Im a nice guy, cant i get a nice guy badge, and a nice guy title?

Trust is a hard thing to come by these days.

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i’ve lost mine too, and still haven’t managed to get it back yet…

Those simple words explain it all… :wink:

@Solonius_Rex What you need to be a veteran is listed under “Badges” in your forum file.

I think you have to turn it back on again.

Edit; Help is on the way!

Yeah, me three. Don’t know when or how I lost it. I wonder if it was due to community flags. My last one was for posting the following link in a whine thread.

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Seriously though guys, what is trust. Im asking for a friend, of course, as I am trust worthy to a fault. But what is trust and how do you get more?

:rofl: THAT might do it! I would still suggest you guys try turning it back on. I had mine, went what the hell? Lost it and poked around till I found the switch to turn it back on.

Blizzard uses similar forums, and for their trust systems, it allows certain trust users to be able to use hyperlinks, or post wiki’s and such… it really depends on how CCP would have set it up

Dis is BS. I just went looking through all off my old flagged posts, and just realized that they don’t just hide them. They’ll actually delete them after a while. Damn, PC police. I’m not even that brutal. I post meme-y type stuff like Conan crying.

I am so bummed out I could cry.

‘access a private lounge area’


I cant help it! :rofl:

See what I get for being a kissass! :joy: