Don’t share your DESKTOP name.

Its not like knowing the name matters

There is only one solution for you, I’m afraid. Luckily you have that Glock pistol handy.



This post doesn’t have any of the necessary information. Nothing at all.
It’s also in the wrong sub-forum: #issues-workarounds-localization:general-issues

But if I had to guess, check your hard drive health.

Do you bust everyone’s balls or just mine?

What I posted is EVERYTHING that EVE LogLite provided.

Yeah, it’s also completely useless for anyone but maybe a CCP dev. I very much doubt that anyone will be able to help you here. Just write CCP a support ticket with what you got up there and I’m sure they’ll request more information from you if necessary.

Ok, let me break my thought process down for you:

  1. I have an issue with my client.
  2. I Copy the error messages that LogLite gives me.
  3. I post said error messages in a public forum.
  4. I get lucky when someone who has had the same issue reads said forum.
  5. That kind and considerate soul posts the fix in said forum.
  6. I thank said kind person in said forum and heap praise upon their head.
  7. I fix the problem.
  8. I stop asking for help in said forum.
  9. You find someone else to frack with.
  10. The end.

I was going to tell you how to fix that, but in light of you choosing to be…difficult here and in other threads, instead I will say:

I highly doubt you were a PJ or operater of any sort. If you had been you most likely would have the sense and good taste not to brag about it on the internet.

Enjoy your computer issue.



13-year-old stolen valor faker. “true warrior” indeed pfft


You might want to reconsider accusing someone of a federal misdemeanor “to falsely represent oneself as having received any U.S. military decoration or medal.”

Ever heard of a DD 214?

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ever heard of the phrase “quiet professional”?


I’ve heard of little smart asses getting their teeth kicked in. I’ve even heard of people not being an asshole when someone asks a simple question about programming.

lol - yep, another billybadass-wannabe internet tough guy


I prefer steyr personally. Steyr S9A1.

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LOL - Classic internet wannabe move! :smiley: and you claim to be a cop, too? lololol


I have never mined.

I feel like I have stepped into an AOL chatroom. At any rate, Be sure to remove the pocket protector. Wouldn’t want anyone losing an eye.