Egg Hunt vs Training Clone

I have had an account for a while, but just really started to get back into the game. I am trying to get my training up. I have been super busy, so I only have about an hour a day right now to play the game. I log in daily to get my rewards, and wanted to try the Egg Hunt event to see how it went.

I have a training clone that helps reduce the skill training time, so I wanna keep it running this time while I am mostly afk to get as many skills learned as possible. The problem I ran into is jumping to another clone while at the same station. I have to wait 24 hours before I can jump back into the training clone. At this point, the little gain from doing the event doesn’t seem worth losing the skill training for the entire time of the egg hunt.

Anyone know of a possible solution for me? I tried to find a citadel, but all the ones near me have the drone bay closed.

Jump he Clones at a player owned Station (Citadel) without any cooldown.

How many pods/clones did you already lose in the hunt? If you don’t lose pods, you don’t need to swap clones either.

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