Egmar: the Fall

Once again the unwashed heathen hordes have sent endless streams of rusting vessels into the Amarrian bulkward of the brave and the few. In the end the clouds of Rifters, Firetails and Vigils blotted out even the light of our lasers and they took control of the Stellar Transmuter in Egmar, further endangering the system and risking the very people they say to protect.

Any accidents that might occur with the Stellar Transmuters must be attributed squarely to the Republic Fleet and their careless militia members. I can only hope they take their responsibilities seriously.


One small correction. Many of them do bathe. Often in fact after meeting me. I don’t understand it, I am clean as well. But many remark upon needing to scrub themselves thoroughly or similarly take long, scouring baths.

Please refrain from further references to unwashed masses. They are quite clean. Their ships are another matter.


Washing a spaceship would require a Prodigious Amount of Water.


Some of us who were fighting are card-carrying heretics, I’ll have you know.

Your empire weaponized the stolen technology in the first place. Regardless of what the Republic does with the captured transmuters, you do not get to dodge your guilt in the matter of opening this box.

At the very least, there will almost certainly be more care shown now that the transmuter in the system full of Minmatar is in Minmatar hands. The people of Egmar, much like those in Vard, can now rest at least a little easier for the moment.

Traitor Elkin.

If a responsible person carries a delicate crystal vase and he is jumped by a thug in the street who grabs the vase. Then it seems sensible if thug later drops that vase because of his carelessness, breaking it and causing the shards to injure others, then it is not the fault of the responsible person. It is the fault of the thug.


I must admit I have not been within smelling distance of most of them. Then again, some consider me a bit of a germophobe. I steadfastly refuse Slaver Hounds on all my ships and residences, for example.


There is only one way to deal with these heathens and their filthy ships. Melt them.

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Truly remarkable how much the Amarrians must try to dehumanize us to justify their evils. Your propaganda fools no one.

Yes, I’m sure the slavers who don’t see us as people operating unknown tech over their star was a great comfort to the people of Egmar. The system and its people will be far safer in the hands of their kin.

The blame for the danger posed by untested technology of hidden purpose lies firmly on those who elect to build that technology in an active warzone. Already trying to shed responsibility for whatever it is you’re people unleashed on these systems? No. Your people betrayed the trust of Edencom and seized the Arshat transmuter for their own ends. Your people built prototypes in hostile systems. You do not get to shed the blame now that the people you threaten have removed your ability to threaten them further. We have disarmed you of your threat. You brought the gun and loaded it.


If a hostile entity brings a gun to a fist fight, and you disarm them of that weapon, the threat remains firmly on the person who escalated the stakes. You don’t want an accidental discharge of a dangerous weapon? Don’t bring that weapon. You escalated the stakes. We defended ourselves. We’re now forced to clean up a dangerous mess because of the actions of your people. The fault for any mishaps is squarely on those who enabled them in the first place.


This is a terrible analogy. What happened here was your person-with-a-vase walked up to another person and started hitting them with it, the assaulted person won the struggle and took the vase used to assault them. Now the assaulted person has to figure out how to stop the vase designed by the assailant from exploding and killing everyone in the area. Oh, the the technology of the vase in general was gathered in the past by co-operation between the assailant and victim with the intent purpose of helping both of them recover from wounds caused by a mutual enemy.

You’re so disingenuous it hurts.

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“Unwashed hordes”? A little overboard there, I think.

I remain confident that the Fleet and the Tribal Council will do their outmost to be careful with the technology, and to de-escalate the current conflict.


Not particularly responsible of him to wobble that thing through a bull run.

I think perhaps it was the “Amarrian bulwark” that was defending, unless the Amarrians have also invented a new “bulkward” tactic, in which case judging by the sound of it, I’m not sure I want to learn of it.

In any case, if people would like to donate the Transmuter to me, I can guarantee I’ll repeatedly try to shoot it, bomb it, and blow it up. As many locals have tried to deter me with “that sounds like a terrible idea” and “that sounds really dangerous”, it’s pretty clear from responses here folks already see a lot of “danger” and “bad ideas” from just keeping the thing around…

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I’m pretty confident they’ll use it like the Amarr intended: as a weapon. Let’s not kid ourselves. I happen to think it’s better in their hands, but the outcome will be the same. Another instrument to facilitate death and destruction.

Come Darkness
I am a weapon in the hand of Fate


As a mostly outside observer, since I have been watching the situation in Athounon, this feels like Amarrian forces have brought this on themselves. They did, after all, decide to build not 1, not 2, but all 3 Stellar Transmutters in what I would generally call Minmatar space.

There was a choice of dealing with potential fallout from the effects of testing Triglavian technology in space that they were firmly in control of, or avoiding such risks, with the chance that they may lose control of what they built.

Not sure you can really call the Minmatar the winners here, but they do now have access to 2 Stellar Transmutters, without having to have actually built them.

Traitor Elkin, what you display is called ‘projection’. The Amarr Empire did not use the Stellar Transmuter in any aggressive fashion. Nobody was ‘hit over the head’ with the Stellar Transmuter.

Also, according to the Yulai Accords, which were agreed to by the Republic Government, the captured system was under Amarr juridiction. You might ‘feel’ that is not right, but it is what we both agreed to.

You also indicate that it is unfair that the Amarr reaped the benefits of a joint operation just because it happened to be in their territory. Once again, the Edencom council has approved this. Everything has been by the book and according to rules all parties agreed to. In your words, the organization that helped the Amarr Empire acquire the vase agreed to them keeping it.

The only one expressly instructing their militia members to disregard the accord is the Republic Government. As they did once before when they broke the peace that existed between us.

You might not like what you hear, but ‘digingenious’ is not a fitting term here. The ‘freedom’ to break mutualy agreements when you feel like it, is not the type of freedom I would fight for.


The Stellar Transmuter is not a weapon, it is intended as a transportation device. It might certainly have great military application, but I believe the danger it poses is because of the seriously hazardous side-effects of using it.

In fact, more knowledge of the Stellar Transmuter might allow us to strike at the Triglavian menace directly, an outcome that would be favorable to both the Amarr Empire and the Republic.

I agree. The Amarr Empire took a risk by building the Transmuters in a area that is being fought over. They should accept the consequences of that decision. I just pray this ‘fallout’ will not have terminal consequences for any of the people living in these systems if the Minmatar use staples and duct tape to keep the Transmuter operating.

You’re once again showing how disingenuous you are. Regardless of whether or not the Amarr occupation in the systems was legal under the CEMWPA, there’s a reason why the Empire chose occupied Republic systems inhabited by Minmatar rather than its own systems full of its own subjects for messing with the stars. To claim that it was a coincidence of any sort would be absurd.

“The organization led by an Ammatar fleet veteran said the Amarr can screw you over so it must be okay!”

The Empire started the entire conflict by invading the Minmatar the moment it discovered their existence and ran a proxy war through its vassal state for most of the modern Republic’s history. You do not get to claim anyone else is at fault as you continue to look for every avenue to wound the Republic and the Minmatar people.

But by all means, continue complaining. Your angry barking every time your victims fight back is music to my ears.

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