Vard has fallen

A few brave elite knights stood steadfast on the bastion defending against hordes of unwashed barbarians for many days, but in the end they too were overwhelmed and were force to retreat.

In the final days they even used our own technology against us, as wave after wave of Imperial Navy Slicers appeared in the installation we were defending and despite many of them falling to the holy light of my lasers, they, relentless and unyielding, finally broke our resistance.

I fear for the inhabitants of Vard, all its inhabitants. Experimental new technology is already dangerous by itself, but during wartime, the risk of an accidents only rises. I call upon the Republic and its militia hordes to act responsibly and with care. There is no point in ‘liberating’ people if they die from a sudden stellar radiation burst.

We will continue to fight, a few courageous brothers and sisters of Amarr holding back the brown tide. We will continue to sacrifice resources and sleep as is needed, but the enemy is not only numerous, they are determined too. In the end, God will decide what side to grant the next victory.


Good fight, and all that.

I agree that it’s extremely dangerous to mess around with stars. I hope great care is being taken not to permanently damage the stars being harvested. I just don’t at all trust your Empire to try and be safe with the stolen technology when the potential victims are Minmatar. The people of Vard are now almost certainly breathing a sign of relief as the last of the Imperials pull out and the system’s hostile occupation once again ends.

Unfortunately, the outcomes of neither this fight nor the next one will be due to divine will of any deities. It will be once again decided primarily by the stamina and skill of independent capsuleers fighting for the two sides.

But in Vard…
The common people can sleep a little easier. If only for now.


Maybe that means, instead of sitting letting the machine chug along, the Amarrians will figure out what those new cosmic signatures are, and get out attaining the data. Just today I had to educate an Amarrian militia member on what those observatories are, they were unhappily surprised to find one heavily defended by the Republic Fleet. And before I could even partially explain the situation, they jumped gate. Best of luck collecting that data.

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Oh now you’re concerned about this horrendous new technology your empire saw fit to release.


I hate when I have to agree with you…

On the contrary ms. Polevhia. I have expressed my concerns with the usage of this technology before the fall of Vard. Just because I wasn’t yelling my concerns from the rooftops, doesn’t mean I haven’t done so. Amarrians tend to express their concerns privately through appropriate channels.

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We can only judge you for your words that we hear, and the actions that we see. And till now, both have been damning from the Imperial supporters.


That is true ms. Polevhia. That is why I would ask you to judge me by my words and actions. I understand you lumping me together on the somewhat vague heap of ‘Imperial supporters’ and making your assumptions based on that.

In the Empire we have a saying:

“God gave the Emperor the power
To judge the people,
To elevate the good,
To cast down the evil,
In his image and by his example,
We will judge the sinners
And offer the faithful,
A chance at redemption,
But when the ears hear only,
The mouth shouting,
And the eyes see only,
The fingers broken,
Then feet will stumble,
And the hands fail to grasp,
The truth of God’s revealing light.”

For the less literate among us, this is a lesson that teaches us to be extra careful when passing judgement on things we care deeply about or have hurt us, because we are more likely to be blinded by our emotions.


What a pity. Wonder what happened.

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You know, a lot of what you said is spot on. It IS very dangerous to test experimental technology in populated systems with a war blazing around it.

One wonders why the Empire thought it was a good idea in the first place. Unless of course, those lives didn’t factor into the equation.


They never do.

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Well, some lives do. Just not certain kinds.


I am as concerned as anyone about reckless use of Triglavian tech, but I must point out that the only reason the Republic Fleet now controls one of the transmuter prototypes is because the Amarr Empire chose to hijack an international project and start experimenting with it in tribal territory. The admittedly great risk to the populations of the three systems could have been easily avoided, but by no action or inaction by Tribal forces.

I would suggest that the best way to ensure peaceful de-escalation would be for Amarr forces to stay out of Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath and the Great Wildlands. You have the technology in Arshat. We have it in Vard, and, spirits willing, will have it elsewhere in the warzone too. Balance of power has been restored. Let it remain, do not push, lest we all fall down.

All invaders must die.


The better way to de-escalate would be to end the farce of the CEWMPA wars. They serve no goals beyond letting high-ranking jerk-offs and capsuleers get their jollies through violence, while baseliners have to worry, now, whether or not their planet will be the next one targeted for indisciminate ground assault. Whatever legitimate purpose the warzones had in keeping loyalist capsuleers sharp and ready to-hand has been utterly shredded by CONCORD’s refusal, more than three years in, to condemn or validate the abuses on Floseswin IV.

But I bet if ARC found schematics for these things, it wouldn’t take three minutes for good ol’ @Oveg_Drust to show up demanding private property be surrendered to CONCORD on pain of permanent KOS throughout highsec.


With a bit of luck, the procedures for safe shutdown of the machinery will be written down in clear language, and there’s no risk of anyone pulling the “destroy the universe” lever.

There are of course thousands upon thousands of archaeological sites where safe shutdown was not followed and radiological, biological, or cybernetic hellscapes now exist.

So I am prepared to be disappointed.

Only if Makoto asks for a dress.

I am delighted to hear at least one of these systems has been wrestled free from the clutches of the empire I just hope now we can look towards relieving them of the other two and shutting this whole nightmare experiment down for good.

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You cannot put technology that is out there back in the box. Even if we capture these three and destroy them, the Empire now knows how to build more, and we cannot destroy that.

It became inevitable that stellar transmuter technology would find its way into the hands of the great nations from the moment the Collective waged their invasion. Nations will always seek to develop and understand new technologies, whether for material benefit, to satisfy their curiosity about the cluster within which they live, or to close (or even increase) the technological gap to external threats.

If people want to complain about the existence of these transmuters, they can direct their anger towards the technology’s origin: the Triglavian Collective. Otherwise, people should simply accept that nations are going to keep technologically developing and that there’s really nothing unusual or wrong about that.

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From what I understand these are in their own sick and twisted ways research facilities obviously highly dangerous ones as the Empire will not commit the action in there own space.

Therefore we can if nothing else hamper those efforts.