Eight Golden Suggestions from naivest noob!

1)) Camera zoom in/out speed - need “instant” mode as well. It takes too long to “run-through” 100-200km! Seconds in PVP matters!

2)) Introduce ENEMIES ENCYCLOPEDIA with NPC infos.
During combat PVE activity it fills with information (1000kills for 100% info) and it gives the feel of progress for the new players!
Don’t forget to add nice storyline achievement gifts after each NPC kind researched to full 100%!

3)) Enrich entities (NPC ships, structures, objects in space etc…) with meaningful descriptions. Should be clearly stated stats, resists other combat info (in conjuction with ENEMIES ENCYCLOPEDIA), entities should tell if they drop something and with which probability, like in every other asian MMO!).

4)) Mission UI and descriptions!
Should clearly state:

  • WHAT TO SHOOT? (enemy race/kind, approx forces numbers, expected EWAR etc…)
  • CRYSTAL-CLEAR VICTORY CONDITIONS (if I need only mission ITEM, should I destroy NPC as well? or it can be finished with ITEM alone! Thus, mission ITEMs trading could be a thing!)
  • SHORTEN THE LORE text and make it in gray/white italic font! DOn’t hide meaningful info in LORE part - meaningful info should be separated and brought to player as well-cooked RESUME, thus, economizing player’s perceptive efforts!

5)) Shorten long names in OVERVIEW like “Acceleration gate to Alpha hangar” to smth like “Alpha hangar acceleration gate”, so, the meaningful part is always in the front and visible even in TIGHT overview which PRO players are using!

6)) Make “TAB” shortcut great again!
I remind: aeons ago it worked as the “fastly hide all windows and show only brackets, so I could evaluate the dispositions of our/enemy fleet” button.
Now, it is restricted to redefine(!) and similar function is present but it doesn’t provide comparable speed, legacy version had!
In short: UNTIE “TAB” key to be redefined and bring back “fast hide all/show all windows” toggle!

7)) Some regions of NPC nullsecs are too empty, maybe we add a NPC station/s with agents so people could move in. Create the POINT OF INTEREST! Example: “sleeve” from 5-MLDT to BF-SDP (look at map, you feel what I mean!)

8)) Add cool new NPC bosses to the missions! With good loot drops! People like drops! Advanced EWAR using, AI behaviour, warpins-warpouts of enemy drone swarms? You did good with Abyss, but regular PVE need attention too!


I found most of your suggestions interesting but regarding 7) there is no such thing as a region that is too empty. It has precisely the amount of players it should have. And trying to fix made up problems like “region x being empty” always has unintended consequences and is a waste of time and effort. Nuff said

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