EIV Calculation for Ancient Relic Invention in T3 Production

Fellow Industrialists,

We ran across what appears to be a gap in the knowledge of EVE production and wanted to document our findings for others.

In T2 production, the job cost of inventing a T2 blueprint is based on the Estimated Item Value (EIV) for the blueprint copy (BPC) being invented. As has been previously documented, the EIV can be computed based on the ME0 materials for the blueprint copy being invented and the Adjusted Prices (computed by CCP secret magic and available from the API) for those materials. So far so good.

However, for T3 production we couldn’t find any reference for how Estimated Item Value (EIV) for the invention job cost calculation is computed for Ancient Relic invention. Because relics can’t be directly manufactured, there isn’t a directly equivalent way to compute the EIV as is possible with blueprint copies for T2 invention.

After doing some experiments, we discovered the EIV for invention jobs on relics appears to be computed based on the invented blueprint rather than the relic. This might seem problematic because each hull or subsystem relic can invent multiple different T3 blueprints, however, the materials are the same for producing any T3 blueprint selected from a given relic.

For example (computed on 31-10-2017):

  • If we pull up an invention job on a “Wrecked Hull Section”, the job window says 2% of the EIV is 2,473,090 ISK
  • Thus, the EIV is 123,654,499 ISK
  • Computing the EIV of the Tengu Blueprint, Legion Blueprint, Proteus Blueprint, and Loki Blueprint ourselves we get 123,654,490.82 ISK
  • Thus, it appears the invention EIV was based on the EIV of the output blueprint

This math appears to work on subsystems in addition to hulls (as of 10-31-2017).


baseprices (what you call eiv) are always based (since Crius):

  • for manufacturing: on the product you are currently building
  • for invention (since reverse engineering is now invention, it’s the same): on the output blueprint product
  • for research: on the current blueprint product

To these baseprice, you need to apply industry index for the given job in the given system, taxes for manufacturing (station / structure taxes, corp taxes etc) or a “job” multiplier (for research/invention, that 2%).
That’s all what you see in the industry window (more informations about these formulas)

if you want to calculate the baseprice yourself: it’s the sum of the products between component quantity and component adjusted prices (these can be found here)

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