Elite Alpha: Project Haven

WoE Elite Alpha & Project Haven

“The purpose of Project Haven is to facilitate learning and growth in a community atmosphere. It is hoped that many new players will be introduced or directed to Project Haven very soon after joining the game for the first time or completing the opening tutorials.”

What is it: An in-game chat community
For whom: New players & experienced
How do I join: You don’t join; simply participate in chat or take part in fleets
Location: Arnon, 0.6 sec
Purpose: Learning and developing through sharing knowledge; Community interaction; Rookie player help

Our Resources
Our main resource are players who enjoy taking part in community chat and helping others to achieve their goals. New players who enter our channel will have instant access to a corporation-style chatroom and events. To help facilitate Project Haven, we are in the process of setting up an Athanor for moon drilling and ore refining, and a Raitaru for manufacturing of ships and modules, and blueprint research. As part of the project Arnon will be the permanent residence or starting point for all of our fleets. Our project will give players who are interested the ability to gather resources in high-sec space; manufacture those resources to sell at either of the nearby trade hubs; have access to pivotal agent missions which are located nearby and in the system; and not least being located centrally on the margins of all four empires, it is excellent for the new player who wishes to venture out to other parts of the map once he or she feels ready.

Whether a player is having trouble completing a tutorial mission and needs help, or if someone wants to know the best location to purchase a first destroyer, there will always be someone to answer your question in our channel.

Here’s a Summary of Project Haven benefits:

Access to help from players
Friendly community
Corp-style chatroom/atmosphere
Access to Sisters of Eve Epic Arc quest for new players
Play in a Protected System (where rookie-griefing is banned)
Close to all major trade hubs
Access to the best ore in high-sec
Mining Events
Mission Running

How do you join?

You don’t! If you would like to benefit from Project Haven, open up your in-game channel list and type “Elite Alpha” into the search box at the top. It’s as easy as that to take part in the community!

Regardless of whether he or she is chatting or not, anyone who uses the Elite Alpha chatroom agrees to respect the aims of the channel and to protect the welfare of all players who use it (for the benefit of new players).

Any player who enters the channel and disregards these rules will be permanently blocked from the channel and all of its services.

The above law is in place so that new players can continue to develop and benefit from the project without fear of harassment or exploitation from experienced players.


Good luck with this. Just wondering how much tax the new players being “helped” will be made to pay in your structures?

I’ve been in this Elite Alpha chat for a couple of months now, as an “old” player? And never anybody asked for something in return. We are legitimately just helping new players (and i don’t even take part in this with anything other than informations so i don’t have a real reason to lie). Of course, you can be salty and talk smack, but how about not? Not everything in this game is a scam…just most of the things.


Dilligamofo isn’t wrong per se. There are plenty of pretenders who only care about gathering new players and milking them from their isk somehow. Even if this is just a public chat, there might be recruiters lurking. We can’t know from here and mentioning it doesn’t hurt.

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Hello. Thank you for responding. No, players won’t be taxed for using structures.


Hi there. And what’s so bad about having recruiters lurking? There’s nothing wrong in corporations trying to recruit in game channels. That’s half the fun in the game.

However - that isn’t what we’re about. It’s really just a help channel. Nothing else.

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Yo. All legit. Love it.
Awesome stuff Nat :slight_smile:

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I’ll look to join the chat once I’m in-game.

Edit: woooo necro =_=

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Hi Taloris, thanks for your reply!

Love to see you in-game.

Unfortunately, I’ve been offline for nearly 6 weeks, although i’m still subbed, due to life commitments, but i’m trying to get back on.

The channel may be a bit quiet at the moment.

Hope to see you soon!

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Just passing by, saw your link in the idea thread :grin: I think this project is a good initiative, keep it up. Maybe you already do it, but advertise in local or anywhere in game and get some ISK donations to this endeavor also make a twitch / youtube channel so newbros know about this project prior to joining the game.

Glad I found this info. I’ll definitely check it out. I am an Alpha based out of Tash-Murkon currently. I started back in April and recently finished all the tutorials and career agents. I felt pretty good after those and started with some mining and exploration, but I have to say I am a bit lost at what to do and where to go next. I ventured into some WH’s recently and each time was quickly destroyed!

I’m hoping to get some tips on what to do next, and how to establish some steady income so that I can venture out of the ‘kiddie-pool’ successfully.

I’ve heard people mention the ‘Cliff’ and I feel like I’m there. There’s more I want to do but it seems like I’m missing something on where to go next. (the L1 security agent tasks don’t pay much at all, and I’m not sure about joining a corp.)

This is a bit of a ramble, but I wanted to share my thoughts as a new player. Any tips or suggestions would be great! (I’ve watched lots of YouTube, but haven’t found good ones that address my current state (i.e. just finished career agents, so now what!))

Thanks all!

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It sounds like you’ve made an excellent start. You are at one of the most challenging points in the EVE experience. It’s challenging because there are so many different ways you can go, you might not know yet which path you want to specialize in, and frankly there’s going to be quite a lot of skill training and learning the game for you to “get gud” at whatever it is you decide on. It can still be a lot of fun, though!

It sounds like you’ve dabbled in a lot of activities, so the first question you should ask yourself is which one(s) appealed to you the most. Whatever that is, that’s where you need to focus your skill planning and developing your game skills. Depending on what you choose, there will probably be an optimal path or two you could take, and there’s going to be some way in which to make it reasonably profitable. Do you have some idea of what you’ve enjoyed or seems interesting to you so far?

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https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Cordelia_Clopton > I’m definitely liking exploration. I think I’m going to start with that. Also interested in mining, so I’ll likely alternate between those. I started using the Elite Alpha chat room for tips and they guys have been super helpful.



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