100% Free ship/modules/fits/advice/coach/ and more for new players 😇

If you are new player in eve and need any help feel free to contact me in-game or in here for 100% Free ship/modules/fits/advice/coach/ and more.

Q.: Why you help new players ?
A.: EvE Online is an amazing but complicated game and I’d like if there was more players playing eve.

Q.: I’m returning player can I also get help ?
A.: Absolutely you can :slight_smile:

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I am a new player. I’ve heard that you can do lots of stuff in the game. Someone showed me a big chart of all the “professions,” but it was confusing and I still don’t know what I should be doing. What do you recommend I should do? What do I train for? Where do I go?

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Free candy but instead of free candy it’s

Free modules

are you really a new player ? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think so your character made at 2007 :stuck_out_tongue: but fine this is what I recommend you do as a new player:

First of I recommend for all new players to finish the tutorial for quick isk and then focus on doing exploration as it is a low skill to entry and cheap to start. There are many good youtube videos on how to get started but there is one I recommend you watch. Search for Erstschlag on youtube and go to videos in his channel and then look for the video titled “The first 100m ISK, with an Alpha Account”

Also I recommend you look into abyssals for good/reliable isk income. There are a lot of good videos on how to run them by good players. I recommend you skill toward the Gila.

Also I recommend you search for “ISK_Vol_1_Aegis_1_1” and download it and read it.

Also look for a new bro friendly corp and join them for more info and help.

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Okay, that’s acceptable.

One thing I’d personally add to that would be to recommend some kind of instant activity the player can perform, like telling them “try doing an anomaly with one of the frigates you received as a reward in the tutorial” and link a simple but proper active tank fit. That would give them something to do instantly, instead of sending them off to do research right away (which they can do when they’re not playing the game).

Yes, this was a test.

Oh one thing I was looking for in particular was steering them away from Venture mining. You have to mention that. Don’t even allude to that activity being remotely viable.

I wish there was in-game videos for new players to watch or at least recommend them youtube videos to watch somehow… the best thing would be if CCP made new bro youtube videos for them to get started.

this game is way to complicated for new players… there is so much to cover…

I have already donated ships/modules/100’s of millions of isk to new players to help them out and I dont plan on stopping helping them because this is the right thing to do as veterans. Eve Online not fun playing alone… we need more players and those new player need our help. I encourage everyone to help new bros and guide them to success.

New Bros are the future of Eve Online so lets double our effort to help them as much as we can.

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One idea I had a while ago was the concept of a “ghost” player. It’s essentially a bot programmed to perform a few simple activities, e.g. ratting in belts, doing anomalies, mining, etc. Kind of like an imaginary friend. It would, for example, target and shoot NPCs, but do no or very little damage. But a new player could see the actions that it performs, and try to mirror them. It could even say what it’s doing in a special chat window, like “I’m going to orbit the target at 5km! Your weapon optimal range is __, you should try orbiting the target at that range with me!” Completely scripted, and fed off of existing variables such as your ship’s current stats. Something like that could, in theory, lead to quicker learning than having new players read guides.


Can you please tell me why is it wrong to fit both shield and armor modules onto an Orca?

[Orca, Simulated Orca Fitting]
Dark Blood Large Armor Repairer
Damage Control II

Drone Navigation Computer II
Survey Scanner II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Medium Murky Compact Remote Shield Booster
Shield Command Burst I
Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter I
Salvager I
Mining Foreman Burst II
Small Tractor Beam II

Large Ancillary Current Router II
Large Ancillary Current Router II
Large Ancillary Current Router I

Federation Navy Hobgoblin x5
‘Integrated’ Hobgoblin x5
Ice Harvesting Drone II x1
Mining Drone II x5

eve could definitely use some update on new player guidance… the new tutorials are nice but simply not nearly enough

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for more tankiness I guess? :slight_smile:

more ehp = more tanky

The Dark Blood Large Armor Repairer is such a sweet module to fit onto an Orca ever since those Trivasions started attacking as the amount of times i had to warp out of the belt once my shield was gone made me fit my Orca that way.

I had fitted it with the Slab in the lower and shield rigs but I had found that I would still need to scootaloo out of the belt asap. So I currently stand by my Orcas that see more battle than most I’d say.

orca is expensive ship so you want fit it tanky to protect it from potential suicide gankers… if I was you I would watch local and add contact everyone with neutral status that are not gankers and terrible status anyone that are ganked in the past. Use zKillboard to identify players by their kills and losses. Just simply hold and drag player name from local to chat and copy & paste his name to zKillboard. Also if you alone stay in 0.8-0.9-1.0 security systems for fast concord respond time. It would take a lot of gankers to bring down an orca in high security systems. Use Directional scanner to see who is nearby and warp out if you see lots of combat ships. Never leave your orca unattended and if you can stay in groups for maximum protection.

I would go:

rigs: t2 bulkhead
low: t2 bulkhead, t2 damage control
mid: xlsb, 2x t2 multispectral shield hardeners 2x meta medium capacitor boosters, navy 800 charges
high: tractor, salvager, and whatever else in the highs.
drones: 5x augmented mining drones, 1x augmented ice mining drone, fill up with t2 hobgoblins

That will give you cap stable active tank with some neut protection and a ridiculous buffer.

I went faction shield extenders and an abyssal damage control for nearly 500k ehp all buffer for my highsec boat, still got room for a hot tub.

This was @Mike_Azariah first fitting for the magic school bus.



I had a bulkhead and a dmg control but no bulk head rigs that day I had Large Drone Mining Augmentors instead. Somehow though I don’t think Bulkheads save you.

Dude, why are there Catalysts with suicide-ganking name schemes in your ship bay? Is there something you want to tell us?

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I have no problem with suicide gankers in Eve because it creates a competitive/exacting/challenging environment and keeps the market flowing. More destroyed ships means more replacing means higher demand and stops players going full greedy with 0 defensive modules/options. It’s actually a necessary part of the game to have suicide gankers and I say that even know I been ganked many times before.


something I really really heat is scammers… e-specially contract scammers are the worse… they create often unfair/fake/scamy contracts for millions of isk that worth close to nothing… all they do is making it harder for players to find the real/decent/fair contracts…

even without contract scammers it can be difficult to find what you looking for and on top of that you have to manually filter out the scamy contracts… really annoying…