[EM] Notice about upcoming operations

Electus Matari has followed with concern the news about the escalating international situation. As always, we stand ready to assist our Republic and its allies in a time of need. In the light of recent events, we are accelerating our timetable and increasing our operational tempo with our quick-reaction forces, to be supplemented as other forces become available.

To be ready to assist in whatever capacity might be required, we will enlist in the Militia. The length of this enlistment period is currently undecided and we are prepared to change our focus on a short notice as situation warrants. Entities operating in the warzones are encouraged to seek blue standings as appropriate. Please note that despite our NRDS policy we do engage neutrals in CEMWPA complexes, neutrals with suspect timers, and targets judged as immediate threats. Please contact Elsebeth Rhiannon or use the Public - EM comms channel for any diplomatic inquiries.

We appeal to all parties on the various fields to keep cool heads, and to direct military operations against valid military targets.

May Fate and Luck walk with all brothers and sisters fighting in this conflict. Never again another Long Night.

On behalf of EM High Command and the Council,
Elsebeth Rhiannon
Main Diplomat


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