Hello friends
first of all i want to say sorry for my english. In many cases i use the help of google translate but in generaly i thing you can understand me. So …
I play many years online games and I HATE PvP. Not cos the PvP is bad mode in a game but mostly cos played for wrong reasons. Most of them (as i know) is kids or young age ppl ho like to prouve something in sort time (i dont know what).
The wrong PvP is the main reason i left LineAge (back to 90’s) and i got stuck on WoW for many years (playning only PvE). After this i play here for a year i thing and left it for WoT, and before 3 years (cos i hate PvP) i go to Armored Warfare playning only PvE again. But i thing all this shoting games have limited time (and they are so many) so, now i’m here again (i thing 1 year now).
As PvE player (and noob) i like to “build” my way in long time, to understand the game mechanics and in generaly “go slow”.
Before 2-3 years, here, annoying players was mostly in low sec and players in hi sec they have some safety.
Now is on hi sec and i see them more often. For example players ho steal loot or shoting mobile cargo’s or moon mining and so on.
The main in game reaction is to mark this player as suspect for 15 min and nothing more. The same as a player go criminal. 15 min mark as criminal and nothing more.
Of course, in this 15 min anyone can kill this annoyying but beyond this nothing permament.
So, what i suggest ?
The power of EMBARGO.
I read somewere that the devs they allow criminal behavior cos criminal is in all in real life. OK
But in real life, and special in real world, everyone have the power of selection. Why not here?
EMPARGO can solve many problems. (for example i am not in any corp cos i dont want to be target of corp enemys).
Now, if a player, corp or a Aliance is basic criminal, the market have no way to know this. The usual way (read info of any player, corp or Aliance) is not easy to use. But mainly, normal players have no way to punish this annoying players.
i Thing EMBARGO is the solution
a player can set EMBARGO only to another player
a corp leader can set EMBARGO to another player or corp (except NPC corp’s)
an Aliance leader can set EMBARGO to another Aliance or player only
a player or corp can have more than one EMBARGO on them
EMBARGO is visible to market
EMBARGO is compulsory for all players in corp or in an Aliance. Out of a corp or an Aliance the player is free to chose.
EMBARGO can remove only by the the first placed and with no other way.
Diferent mark colors must use in EMBARGO, and all marks must be visible. (max 3)

one more thing
Why not have ECONOMIC war to ?
Why the war’s must be with PvP only ?

Thank you and again sorry for my english

So how to restrict people from puting embargo on players just to mess with them?

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I want you to seriously consider this, some of those murderous and ganking people in the game are the very same that make almost everything you love.

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Also this game is meant to allow others to kill,steal from or harass if you don’t like it fight back or get some friends and fight back or join the people you don’t like and backstab them later on,or hire someone to do the job for you,seriously why do I bother…

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“Also this game is meant to allow others to kill,steal from or harass if you don’t like it fight back or get some friends and fight back or join the people you don’t like and backstab them later on,or hire someone to do the job for you,seriously why do I bother…”

or EMBARGO them

You’re seriously choosing an unfeasible idea over probably a dozen others that would give more satisfaction in the end :grinning:

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what you afraid of ?
my satisfaction or your’s ?

realy guys
you find logical to have a war with a corp and the same time buy things from them ?
or you are in well organize idustrial corp and some gang’s kill you for fun.
Want to shell to this ppl the guns to kill you ?

if yes i have nothing to say

I don’t hate the idea. It’s sort of an economic wardec.

But I feel this point should be addressed.

Curiously, was already mention this type of Idea:

I dont see how is going to work, only how is set. Maybe I miss it.

But as before, this will mess with the market economy. Huge Alliance will Embargo every trader except the ones they want to support, people will use the mechanic that way. And people will create Alts to try to evade it.

Is not moral, but is logical to sell what you build. It happens in RL, countries selling their weapons to other countries which are at war with Allied countries…

They paid for it, so who cares.

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and now ? Huge Alliance act normaly ? :slight_smile: OK !!!
To avoid unproper use of EMBARGO, if a corp leader set EMBARGO to another corp, then with this corp IS or SET corp’s AT WAR. The same for an Alliance. And nothing change from today gameplay.
Αnd the opposite. If 2 corp’s or Alliance’s is at war, then automatic EMBARGO set between them. Player to player only bad standing set.
A second way is the limited EMBARGO set. For example player have 45 permitions, corp have 15 and Alliance have 5. The numbers is random.

Let me tell you something relevant to this.
There is no system below 0.5 that have rare minerals and dont protect from criminals. This is normal for the game rules but i thing is bad for the game. This criminals they dont use the minerals to build something. They use the power the game give to them to be something. (act as gangs).
So… me (and more than me) we cant go in this systems to mine and build something. To do that I MUST ACT AS CRIMINAL. But if i have the power to exclude this criminals from my trades, in time, this criminals they stay out of money.
Why mention this example ? Cos the game dont have a mechanism to get pass in this area (for example pay a fee somewhere) and mine minerals. In real life, areas like this belong to somebody and everybody can rent pass. Even in war as mentioned.
The real problem in this (not in EMARGO) is the time stay criminal. 15 min i thing is to low. For me, a suspect condition must stay for a week and a criminal condition must stay for ever. (or a very long long long tima)
In the end, if a player want to play like this lets stay, in areas below 0.5. Dont come to hi sec and mess the game of others so easy.

I think you do not fully understand Criminal Flags and Security Status.

People wich do criminal stuff, lose Security Status and eventually, they cannot enter High-Sec without been kill by Concord or other players.

Low Sec does not mean you need to be a Criminal to live there. Is just that Concord won’t save your ass, or try to, like in High-Sec. You are alone by your self. Or you can join Low-sec corps.

They also mine from time to time, build their stuff and so on and forth. They are not just Gangs…

And please, do not compare EvE to RL. May have some similarities but is just coincidence.

I think you should learn more about what is going on in EvE, apart from High-Sec, before trying to disrupt those gameplay styles, like you want to do with this idea.


One way around an embargo just off the top of my head is to contract things to your market alt who shouldn’t be in a corp anyway and carry on with business as usual. If there weren’t so many ways around it, it sounds like a nifty idea. There just isn’t any feasible way to enforce the embargo.

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my friend
I simplified all you mention above.
sorry if I misunderstood
i know all this but …

  • losing Security Status take to long, so i thing long time criminal status is better
  • of course low sec does non mean to be Criminal to live there. But mostly, is criminals there or act as criminals
  • as you said. Mine from time to time. Not every day and not aloud everybody else to mine
  • I dont compare EvE to RL. CCP do. In many many cases they aloud things to do as in RL. Like criminals
  • Yes. I must learn more about EvE. But be sure i dont want to “disrupt” those game styles. I want to improve the game that i play. And i dont thing the EMBARGO can change the play style.

If the game style as you said is good, CCP was not set the Alpha clones.
You must understand, games is something dynamic. Change by the time or shutdown.
From the very first day here, every login i make the number of players is stady. 19k-23k in the morning and 28k-35k in the evening. This is good number but also a problematic. Means that something is wrong and ppl leave the game or there is not new comings.

So… if you like the game and want ta play here (as i do), i think improvements is must.

There is. Mining anomalies.

Since i now know this topic is about mining i will file it under W or E. The next few comments from the op will decide its fate.

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Suppose your corp leader set EMBARGO to another corp. Then 2 things huppent

  1. This 2 corp’s go in WAR codition
  2. None of your corp can sell or buy from player belong to the enemy corp. You can sell or buy free from the market with other players. Of course, everybody can see that you have corp EMBARGO. But if they are in diferent corp than you are in WAR, they can free buy from you (or shell to you)

As you can see, no need for alt

you miss the point
Exploration and Transotation is another 2 things that we dont mention but exist.
And the most important, gangs activity for fun in hi sec.
And for all this, exist another way to play.
Stay focus pls

My point was there is a way to mine rare ore under “protection”.

If you embargo me, But I can still sell to anyone on the open market except you, Who does this embargo hurt?

I may be experiencing a language barrier.

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I am like this EMPARGO? Umn but what this EMPARGO is?

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