Emerging Conduits vs. Minor Conduits

Been running these by dual-boxing with 2 accounts. There is often competition for the Emerging Conduits, but very rarely for the Minor Conduits. Naturally the Emerging Conduit is easier and therefore more accessible by wider range of players, but in my experience it is also better value for your time (the almighty ISK/h).

I think the rewards for Minor Conduits should be better (or worse for the Emerging ones, but that is likely not a popular opinion).

I takes me an average of 7,5 minutes between completing Emerging conduits with full loot and salvage (i.e. 8 sites per hour). I get 9M isk as a payout from DED and then an average of 10M in loot+salvage. This gives me about 150Misk/h.

For Minor Conduits the completion time is close to 20 minutes, which is then only 3 sites per hour. I use medium weapons, so a lot of the time is spent on killing the Leshak orbiting at 40km. The site gives me 30M isk from DED, but the loot is surprisingly about the same 10M as the emerging conduit. The result is only 120Misk/h. The sites become even less attractive, if I factor in that there is a real risk of losing my ship when messing up in Minor Conduit, something that is very unlikely in Emerging Conduit.

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Only for people, who has it as a goal of the game. Rest of us prefer fun/h ratio and it is better in more challenging Minor conduits.

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Some might wanna collect a quick buck and get back to what they really wanna do. Some might see that isk/h = fun/h. Or some might find emerging and minor equally fun, but the other one just pays better.

I really didn’t start this topic to beat the same dead horse that gets a regular whipping here in the forums already.

I was more curious do others have the same experience or some fresh ideas on the topic.


If you run the minor conduits with a group of 3-5 you can clear them quite quickly, get a decent bump to payout from increased number of people being paid out.

There are 2 big problems with Minor conduits:

  1. They have warp-ins
  2. They have Invasion effects

The first one is very deadly. A well tuned comp (or solo build) for Minors can be ripped apart by a serious enough warp in. This inability to compensate for a spike in damage makes extremely small comps very hard to justify, as you need to be able to adjust when the Minor conduit gets a Major sized spike.

The second one reduces the ships that are viable. Nestors, Rattlers, and Gilas all see a nerf to their drones, which limits the comps that can run them brainlessly and efficiently.

On top of all this, if you already have 2 logi for minors, you only need 1 more to run Majors…

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