Farming for everybody like nullsec in highsec?

The new Emerging Conduits in highsec are quite lucrative, here my numbers after 8 sites back to back (respawn guarantied after one minute):

  • 8 min per site (time between payouts) in my AC-Loki (832 dps with Hail and 5x Warriors)
  • Payout 36M + red loot 87M = 123M
  • looting with MTU, no salvaging, no mining

This makes a nice 115M/h in cash. The only drawback, it gets boring very fast …

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All PvE gets boring fast

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Conduit are crazy. I just got something like 500m for 2 days farm ( salvager+loot+zorya mutaplasmid)

2days like 48 hours? belt ratting in lowsec can give you more…

but I admire any human who is able to repeat this (or any kind of pve if we are at it) for so long

If any part of the payout is items that need to be sold to players to have a value, you can guess that the value will go down very fast.

All those things crashed already, that’s why I didn’t bother to count anything else than the red loot. I have no clue what CCP’s motivation is about these sites.


Good, less thieves in exploration.

Not 48 hours…2 days like 5 hours/day

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Is there a setup to clear them faster (true solo!) than 8min (from payout to payout)?

I’ve just today dragged myself over to do some conduits after being poked relentlessly by newbies in my Corp. My ship of choice was my trusty 2 link drekavac my kill times were around 10 minutes per site

Been running them with RS and doing full clear with an average between 13-15 minutes from warp in to next warp in. The loot tables must have changed with all the t1 junk dropping, mutaplasmids drop rate much lower,and less salvage amounts on a per group average. Only thing that was nice that on Sunday I had zero people warp in on me over a 4 hour period. Also, travel time is great considering that many times an Invasion system is 10+ jumps away. I just have to learn to sell the mutaplasmids instead of junking them through less than stellar results with other modules.

Not many people run them (relative to available sites), and there is infinite supply in almost every highsec system.

yeah ive been looking for some good fits to use, it might give me something to do

Hello Tipa Riot, the Emerging Conduits will be tried, because you made it sounds valuable.

Its two month already from his/her post. The value of the salvages and non-red loot already tanked. you cant immediately sell them in jita without 40%ish lower than market value. (maybe you want to reverse it and buy them instead. I mean, 40% is nice)

The red loot tho, still nice. it almost like nullsec ratting with vexor.

Just need to fit your ship right, with damage application and right tank. its because there will be competition, if it in relative close location to a market hub. Always found someone doing it with you in any system.

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OOOORrrrrr I could listen to this …

… and it’d be far more fun! :smiley:

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