Empire alt char 23.9m sp


(Corin Delta) #1

5 days from flying orca/porpoise (just leadership 5). Lots of other skills implanted.

Full set of +3 implants. Neutral standings and no pvp history.

Looking for a price check please.


(Ryu Chaos) #2

there is a lot of waste tbh 10-12b?

(t6rvf v) #3

I’ll offer a 14B isk B/O. Have isk ready.

(Corin Delta) #4

Will accept 14B B/O.

Char is in Shuria - Amarr 0.5 system.

Wallet has positive balance. 2 remaps available.

(t6rvf v) #5

Can you log in and we can finalize details.

(t6rvf v) #6

Isk and account name transferred ingame.

(Corin Delta) #7

isk and account name received. starting transfer.

(Corin Delta) #8

transfer started to account specified. Have fun with him/me o/

(system) #9

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