Employment History

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I did some Google’ing on this subject prior to posting this and frankly I dont really find anything that actually deals with the topic.

If this has been in discussion before, and I did not find it, my apologies.

IMHO I feel that a characters employment history should have 2 options, 1 - make public, and 2 make private. Both are simple and self explanatory so rather than blah blah too much about the reasons for each setting lets go one step further.

I should not be able to see some random pilot’s employment history, how could I even know this information in space? Who would even provide it to me in space? This information should be secure … to a point …

When joining a corporation or alliance, most of the time we are required to provide a full API. This is where the two suggested settings are null and void once the API is provided.

This idea does not require miles of coding or hours of development … 2 options, “Make Public” or “Make Private”. Its done with other profile settings; why not provide this option for employment history?

Good idea? Bad idea?


CONCORD keeps track of pilot IDs, so they are likely the ones making that information available to us (along with the pilot’s name, security status, standings, etc.).

What problems do you see caused by a player’s employment history being public that would be addressed by allowing the option to make it private? As you already covered, the point becomes moot if you provide your API to a corporation. So in what scenarios would you find it useful to keep your employment history private?

I ensure that none of my alts has any connection to me. Not being sloppy, pays. AFAIAC it can stay. It helps me stop sloppy snoopers.

The option should be provided. Make Public or Make Private … just like other features of the profile.

But why should it be provided?

Simple, a pilot that is a criminal has no standing with CONCORD therefore your reference goes right out the window … look, the option is available for decorations, why not provide the OPTION to either Make Public or Make Private? why the debate? Its simple … give the player the option.

I actually already put this idea before CSM asking them to give the option to make it private.

The reason I did this is because people use this intel solely to pick on the newest of players. It seems reasonable by making this information private that new players could face that much less harassment by the toxics that seem to only want to fight the newest of new people.

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It does not. Quite the contrary: Pirates and criminals have a criminal record at CONCORD, and part of this record is a public employment history so that everyone in the universe can see at a glance where that pilot was employed before and check what that pilot has done there.

Pains me not to prove you wrong but I use this information to pick fights with skilled pilots and to dunk them because they think they are better. Or to deny them fights because I know, from their corp history in conjunction with killboards, that they only fight unfairly by blobbing and dropping.
Not to mention that “new” is relative these days. A new pilot of, let’s say 2 days, can already have 200M skill points and be an alt of an experienced veteran. Because of the introduction of skill trading thanks to CCP’s genius, the argument that people toxically pick on new players was greatly watered down and made a straw-man.

I say “No” to privating of Employment history. Because this is kinda half-way and unproperly. There are only two variants: remain it how it is, remove it completely.

Why remove completely? Because it becomes useless appendix while owner can fix it. Not only because recruiters cannot trust it but also because everyone will be keeping in mind possible intrusion there from owner.

You cannot escape your past. For better or worse it is visible for all to see. This is intentional.


I wouldn’t share my employment history with the world in real life, I sure as hell don’t want to post it in game, but the game makes me.

This free intel that you didn’t work for, isn’t in the best interest of all players and can be easily turned to using negatively on the newest players.

The idea was not to remove it from being able to see it when applying to corps but to the average person seeing it on someone they had no right to the free intel on.

Please don’t use skill injectors as a reason you have a right to this free intel, because that’s just bull, the majority of people will never skill inject.


Thank you for providing an actual, sensible reason to support the idea. Feels like pulling teeth here with OP.

How will zkillboard work without public employment history?


Well, I forgot that site. But people still gonna look up those sites if employment history become private somedays, right?

Yep. The same guy maintains both sites. In fact, each EveWho page has a link to the entity’s corresponding Zkill page. Basically EveWho would become mandatory tool for PvP intel gathering.

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I don’t agree, simply because if you hide your employment historical you surely have stuff to hide :wink:

And carebears don’t let people like that in their corps (often)

Corp recruiters look at candidates’ employment history to help assess whether they want to let them join. A history of hopping around a lot of corps or staying in them only a few days puts the recruiter on alert that there may be issues.

sometimes that means nothing. Players have right to search what they need. And there are many of corporations in game.

Ummm… NO


You are responsible for your past.