I wish my Age and employment history where secret

Seems like free Intel where none should exist, I’d accept the corp knowing… but not everyone in local.


@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode Give us strength.

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What exactly makes this idea seem broken? Why not debated it nicely? :grinning:

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Ok, this does bring up a good point, I ALWAYS chk who I’m up against if I can and have the time?

Edit; Kinda like turning out the lights, I can live whit that!

i cant find you on zkill so that means you are not very active in pvp with this char
thats enough intel , and unlike @MB_ThePhotographer i never check who I’m up agains to that means that its like a 50/50 thing :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I am not active anymore. I’m waiting out the age of chaos for now except for 1 acct.

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i can find you … i cant find op

DUH? Why would I hide?

yes :smiley:

I’m not sure what there is worth debating about this since it’s appears to be based on subjective feelings of the OP.


I don’t have a problem with the permanent record.

Being able to alter your name, however, that’s a feature long past needed…
That and male long hair that’s not dreadlocks.

–Gadget knows the important things in EvE :slight_smile:

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i think is a valid concern of the op
but i think the op is overstating the will people have to know about her imho

I try to keep an open mind. That’s why.

Valid concern or not, OP doesn’t provide any arguments to support his position. He just came out and said “I wish X”.

It’s like the afk cloakey thd, it’s about intel. I use as much as I can gather.

Since injectors character age is far less meaningful than it used to be so I really don’t see a game play reason why it should be hidden. OP hasn’t provided anything but :feelings: which doesn’t count for very much.

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All I said was I wish something was true, this is not a political statement that needs me to support it with facts, just a wish. This is a forum correct?

Personally, I’d go with something like show it all in high sec, make a scan mechanic you can use in low to get it, and mask it in null.

I’m just saying there’s nothing worth “debating” here like the ISD commented, since it appears you don’t actually care to have a debate. You just wanted to vomit your opinion out there.

That to me as an bitter old vet who had to train up the old way, I have to agree with you.