Free Eve - Let's get rid of the in-game anonymity

By allowing players (and the Game Managers) to hide behind Alts, CCP brings out the worse in us and Eve Online.

Let’s ditch the anonymity for over 18s & I bet you’ll see a big improvement in player retention, communication & cooperation.

Looking forward to all the mercenaries trolling this idea from behind their anonymous Alts…

Main here: go away.
edit: given your lack of zkill history and eternal NPC corp status I can only assume you are posting this topic on an ALT. Nut up and post with your main, coward.


No! Go back to China!


I don’t know about that, spy alts will be useless and I don’t think people want to play a game where everyone knows who you are in RL.

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Have you had a look at Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks that show real names, real addresses, real families and real world related info? No? Maybe you should because you’d reconsider your opinion on real names deterring people from being douche-bags.

Plus, please explain to me how real names would help in any way, shape or form to attract people to EVE when most of them aren’t even able to have normal social interactions in RL because of that? Do you really think that the real name would invite anyone to join EVE when they try to get away from whatever they experience in RL?





Me wonders if this is your real name?

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Inside of Eve, there have been instances of cyber bullying, real life threats, and doxing. And outside of Eve, we have things like trying to get people fired, death threats, rape threats, people getting sent child porn, identity theft, and swatting for lulz.

And that’s even before we talk about how you are supposed to enforce it, and whether or not it would actually have the desired effect -which I seriously doubt.

Minus 1 with all of my alts.
No P2W


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What’s with the deluge of bad ideas these few days?

This is one of the worst ideas I’ve read on here in sometime, and that is not easily achieved, well done.

Bad idea get more attention.

Ccps forums are set up so that good ideas maybe get a like or two before slowly sinking into obscurity where as bad ideas are constantly being told how bad the are and stay pushed to the top of the list.

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Would you call me a coward, if you were not hiding being your Alt? Does not really matter if it’s a main or an Alt, does it Einstein, you re still calling me a coward whilst being anonymous.

Post who you are, in RL, then you can call me what you want.

I think player behaviour would change, for the better, if we were accountable for our actions.

Look at Twitter, full of racist, misogamist, dipshits, all hiding behind Alts.

Anonymity brings out the worse in people, because they are not truly accountable.

What have you got to hide? Why so scared?

Yes, and it’s a game with a 12A rating.

How does that work, that we know the kids are being bullies, threatened and blackmailed by Alts.

If you want to blackmail kids *minors, under 16s) then you should not be able to hide behind an Alt, right?

Of course it’s not, that’s a silly question.

I bet more young payers would sign up, over time, then having this ■■■■ show where 20 or 30 angry white men think they can do or say what they want, whilst protected by CCP & the forum admins (who also hide behind anonymous Alts… that’s a weird coincidence isn’t it?)

Oh you’re one of those people. You are the one that sounds scared pal kek.

Okay, so I agree that anonymity does make it easier to be a jerk because they don’t have to worry about negative consequences. However, I consider it incredibly naive to assume that people who want to harass others won’t seek out and find ways to hide their identity. Meanwhile, they’ll have access to the real life identities of the people they seek to harass. I mean, your solution to online harassment is to (potentially) expose personally identifiable information of potential victims to would-be harassers. I don’t know how you can not see a problem with this?

Wanting to reduce online harassment is admirable, but this isn’t the way. And if that wasn’t already reason enough, you still haven’t explained how it any of this would work, how you could force people to disclose their real life identities, or even if user identities would be exposed only to CCP, or to the whole friggin world. I mean, this proposal is so poorly thought out that you didn’t even bother to propose a mechanism of enforcement. I mean, do you think that trolls and harassers are going to voluntarily comply, or what?

You know what, I got better things to do. Laters.

No P2W