Remove public default to sharing my employment history

This is too commonly a tool used to target new players. It is unfair for new accounts to be easily identified by the community for harassment.

In the real world, I wouldn’t share my resume with barely anyone, so why in space do I share it with everyone? As a new or old player it seems I would rather hide my identity than share it.

What I am asking is just to set an option to share employment history and set the default this to not shared.

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I agree, from a logical point of view.

Absolutely pointless change imo
There are more important things that need to be worked on

People who rely on this intel to target new people because they really don’t want a challenge, of course will not be happy with this change.

I personally look up the employment history to see what kind of player I deal with, I don’t care if he’s 1 day old or 13 years old. They all make the same sound when they die.

If you don’t want to be targeted, tanka your stuff, don’t carry billions of isk in your Itty 5, pay attention to what’s around you.

Adapt or die

you are completely out of the topic.

Just because there is something else to do does not mean this is not something to do.

I’m replying to op’s reply to my first post

Ty for not reading anything

you said there are more important things. This is a useless statement, there will always be more important thing. Thank you for making useless comments.

You seem negative towards every person that doesn’t have the same views as you

But alas it doesn’t matter here because it’s not your thread :slight_smile:

Sorry if you don’t like raw facts

you are making useless comments on a topic because you don’t like it. sorry for the raw fact.

It would be nice if there were somewhere we could talk just casually without bringing the cancer of eve with it. This game brings out some of the very worst of people and unfortunately, not enough of the good. CCPlease make money out of peoples propensity to be outright wicked to each other, in many ways.
I would like to see more single player aspects brought into Eve. In the experience i have had of the game, you really to much on other people…in so many ways. I would like to pay eve wihtout the cancer, explore the great intervals of the games content, without the BS, the nasty comments, the uneccesary KB hunters etc etc etc.
I agree, make less information available to other players. First step was to remove the ‘contact online’ function, but it didnt go far enough imo.
People not CCPlease , ruin this game. There is a stement for you to bitch about now.

I’m giving my opinion on the matter.

I really don’t care if you like it or not, because that’s how opinions work.

You can’t seem to figure that one out lol.
Now please stop hijacking op’s thread with your tears

you are not giving you opinion on the matter but compare its importance with other. This is out of the topic.

If you don’t think the topic is of importance, just don’t reply to it. You will save your own time and will not make aggressive comment about what you think is useful or not, that nobody interested in the topic will find useful.
(However your experience on when employment history is relevant on not is totally on the topic)

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If you still rely on the character age to find “easy kills” after CCP added skill injectors, you are dumb.

Hiding your corp history will only make you look more suspicious and you will get targeted because you have to have something to hide and you won’t get into corporations either for the same reason.

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Funny that you call me out for being off-topic when you didn’t make a single relevant post about the op lol

I go where I please and reply to who I want for the reasons I think are fine. If I’m not allowed to post, ISD will tell me. Not some random forum dude :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I actually did. I feel some denial of reality in your post.
Don’t know what you’re on, but this is obviously hitting your head strong.

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Denial of reality? Wat

And I’m on no illicit substance because I don’t need that crap to function :slight_smile:

I like this.

I think they should remove employment history all together it wouldn’t remove some of these Hot Shots getting a hard-on because you were with the corporation they didn’t like or something like that

So would spies, awoxers, thieves, trolls, and all other sorts of cancers who can be weeded out with the help of visible corp history.