Encomium to Catiz for the Occasion of the Sixth Anniversary of her Coronation

In the years of darkness before the Empire, when Amarr was only a small light of hope on a single island, we learned that the only way for the Faith to survive was through strength. Until the destiny of the Reclaiming is achieved and the Light of God fully restored to creation, there will always be those who will jealously seek to stifle the glory of Amarr. This remains just as true now as when Amash-Akura battled Molok, and Amarr is truly blessed to have in the Empress Catiz a capable ruler who understands the need for Amarr to stand strong in its glorious purpose.

Our Empress, when she was still the Royal Heir Catiz Tash-Murkon, understood that an economic foundation underlies all great wonders. She used her resources admirably, even before she was chosen as our Holy Empress. Those resources gave her leverage over Amarr’s rivals and the ability to bolster our allies. They provide a firm foundation upon which to build a beacon of faith shining for all.

While she was heir, as well, she demonstrated her understanding of the importance of building sacred places for the faithful to gather. The restored Cathedral to Tal-Romon stands on Amarr Prime as a testament to the splendor of the faith. Through her faith she has made a marvel for all faithful.

As Empress she has gone from strength to strength. Those who doubted her purity were crushed under her heel and scattered to the cosmic winds. She wields her two swords of authority with grace and power. Her leadership bolstered Amarr throughout the recent war with the Triglavians and her Pax e Kilizhe Do has allowed the Empire to reach new heights of military strength.

As the seventh year of the reign of the Empress Catiz begins, I reaffirm my commitment to serving her will. God gave Amarr a true gift in the selection of Catiz as the Emperor on the Sacred Throne. Under her leadership I have complete faith that Amarr will continue to prosper and that we will live up to the great task that God has given us.

May God bless Catiz! May her reign on the Sacred Throne be prosperous and long!

-Speech given by Chapter Master Lok’ri on September 27, YC123.


Well, there’s the little matter of those systems lost to the Triglavians, but I guess we can’t let that get in the way of this little fantasy.

Sede Vacante. The Throne is Vacant.

We won many more engagements than we lost in last years defensive campaign, and when the war is truly over I have full faith that the invaders will have been crushed.


Chapter Master Lok’ri,

Truly we serve the greatest Empress in our times. I feel God’s guidance truly has blessed us with someone such as her. May she rule long. As only greatness in arms, faith, and space will surely come from such a devoted and noble Empress.

I too would proudly claim the Exiled Paladin Wardens of Curatores Veritatis Alliance reaffirms our faith, loyalty, and devotion to her that sits upon the throne. Our dearly beloved Empress Catiz I. We commend our souls to god and our ships and bodies to the Empire to be at her service.

While we walk in darkness and exile from our beloved Amarr and Providence may she forgive us our failures and allow our penitent crusade in the north purge us of our sins. For with out our Empress and with out God we are nothing. The purity of oneself comes from devotion of faith and loyalty. May god’s hand watch over us and give guidance for our Empress and ourselves.

Brother Paladin Gaven I pray that someday our Paladins will be united again soon to do good works for the Empire and for our beloved Empress. I write this with great joy that we may serve such a great Empress. While in the dark I only know in my heart that great things yet await the Paladins of Amarr.

Yours in Faith and devotion,

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz
Director of Commerce for CVA


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