Encounter Surveilance System Formulas?


I can’t find any current information on the Math used to determine how much isk go where when the ESS are involved.

I Seem to remember that there was an interview and update to the Math around Fanfest, but I can’t find any post or other with actual information.

Could someone point me to / give me some formulas to calculate where ISK end up (Main/Reserver/Payout)

They are hopefully fixing it to be more fair and generate more content. @CCP_Rattati mentioned that new features will be 100% of isk to go to the ESS only and large bonuses to the payout when successfully defended. If not defended or if no combat for ESS occurs in the new window the isk will be lost.

Where do you have that from?
And @CCP could you PLEASE put some documentation somewhere.
It’s not like this is super secred information that can be used to break the game.


He has it from his ass. CCP isn’t that stupid.

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