Encounter Surveillance System projected to be a "Permanent thing"

In fact you can’t know id he has 200 people, but if he has and you has => you will be die before you’re reinforce come in most ship.

Remimber he could covert cyno, if you want cyno or covert cyno the ship selection is limited. And if you cyno in subcap … well you are dead and they will just run away.

Defender need to have 200 people ready every second, not offender who choose when and how he want engage. It’s why a lot of people stop game when they are perma camped. It’s why since super nerf a lot less player farm … why you will farm in subcap or in super if you can’t be save beacause actually you are so easy to alpha ? You will just not farm. So less player.

If you add ESS more to “create content” it will just remove more content beacause you will just have less and less people who will farm, beacause you add a new layer of difficulty.

If you nerf some advantage of offender in 0.0 and add some new buff to defender so yes you could spwan ESS and create content. But in other case it’s just one more layer of difficulty for nothing. Risk VS reward is broken, i agree CCP on that. The problem is the CCP answer to that problem. They take problem by the wrong side.

You know why people think super and cap are opressive ? Because they could teleport to save people, and before nerf they have enought EHP to farm and win time to be save. Actually kill pve player is not a matter of fire power 99% of time, just a matter of time : did he will survive enought time to receive reinforce. CCP reinforce the power of teleportation of agressor to hope reduce farming, in reality they just encourage botting (yes bot could react faster than human so …). If they have react by nerfing agressor and defender (remove cyno from cap, but not from BS) , and kill perma cloacking , yoçu will have a lot more PVP. Yes pvp player will have more losse a lot of pvp player are very risk averse (efficiency of bomber 99.9% ), but in the same time the fact pve pplayer will continue to farm will make more and more target. And so at this point if you add ESS it will become interesting to hunter to actively hunt ESS when you have a lot of target. You could make people farm more, attract more farmer, make more intersting to kill ESS attract more pvp player … or reduce farm and reduce everything in the game.

CCP make the second choice. The probleme of the second choice it’s it will work on short term. After you will have only bot, and very few player who will continue to farm (remimber Blackout same mechanic).

More over a new problem start to appear : what is the interst to own 0.0 sov actually ? Farm ? Mining and produce super ? Yes but if you continue to nerf : - abysall could be done in HS. WH are safer (yes they are stop said no, allow cyno and WH and coutn how many time before all actual WH player start to cry, and i do’nt forget thera, permit to people to destroyu and loot the NPC station inside thera … just imagine the amount of salt after). Own a WH constellation require logistic but when you have a full constellation mining inside is safer than 0.0. . With all super nerf they loose a great part of they 're utility to hunt subcap (super carrier) and by the way reduce the need of titan. Really actually you nee dsuper only to attack keepstar… and keepstar are for dock super. You break ship interaction a lot. (Dread are more efficient for all cap battle things).

In reallity CCP make a lot o mistake rencently… and in the past and the thing his they dont learn lesson of the past.

In reality the previous era with super and citadel was good for the game, the thing who was not good is the fact by removing passive income of moon they do’nt get new reward to pvp player to just … you know pvp. So they have reduce the number of hunter at this critical moment, and it was the biggest error of CCP in previous era. if the perma ESS was on this previous era the number of player will have just skyrocket (minor some adjustement on ESS like, no instant sharing to really force pvp).

But in this new era of nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf, add more layer of difficulty will just contribute to reduce the player population.

RMTER will continue to farm with bot , bot could react faster and better than human. Stop use RMT/BOT shield each time you want justify a nerf, beacause you nerf human player before bot.

“you have you’re own bomber ready”, ok so in what world do you live ? i mean you understand you can"'t know when they will attack, with what and so by define you will need to stay H24 ready with fuill fleet. And bomberS already on grid means you’re tick are very small for risk VS reward.

So now beacause you’re agumentation is not base on what happen in reallity but just you’re imagination , like boomer when they have over exploit planet i will just answer to all you’re message by : OK BOOMER

No you don’t. Your corp can organize, say, a 1 hour farming operation where everyone will fleet up and defend the farmers. You only need to stay ready 23/7 if you assume that you are entitled to farm at all times.

And bomberS already on grid means you’re tick are very small for risk VS reward.

Oh boo hoo. So you don’t get maximum ISK/hour that you feel entitled to. Why should we care about this?



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I m not a renter and i farm with cloack and neutral who hunt me often.

I just make prediction on what will happen, so after CCP can’t cry we make a mistake emergency revert like blackout thing.

Then why do you whine like one?


I don’t wine, you don’t understand the purpose of my message.

I rest my case.



You forgot to add stupid mistakes that make you look like an idiot who doesn’t even try,
like all the others who use dylsexia as an excuse.


Personal attack means you have no valid fact and argument to use. So yes CCP read me carrefully, add now a layer of difficulty in farming without change other things in same time will be a game breacker… litterrally breack the game.
Maybe you must stop listen people who ask for blackout and thing like that and start to think to true way of generating war. True way to engage player in game and make they stay and just don’t said " hoi no i mù camped i will stop to play and back later".

Make game interesting to play, make undock great , make own sov a big interest to make more people want some. Actually you do the exact oppoisite and so you don’t engage player to play… they play only for the incoming great war (and if the great war is canceled or end … what will happen ? player will massivevely stop.).

Learn the lesson you have learn hard way. Stop listen the short term and think long term.

No, it means that you have nothing useful to add to this conversation and we feel nothing but contempt for you.

litterrally breack the game

Only for renter trash and RMT botters. Competent and successful PvE players want PvE to be more difficult so their competition fails and prices go up.

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Blackout make only renter and rmt stop…
Ho no wait RMT have continue, and true player have massively drop the game.

Nothing of value was lost if they were too weak to exist without local as a PvP avoidance tool.

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A lot of valuable thing have been lost during blackout. If you can’t understand and see it, maybe you must learn to play. I check you’re KB , i see why you defend cloacky you are unable to kill soemone without using it.

This dialogue is truly embarrassing to read. :neutral_face:

And I find it amusing that Boomers are saying “OK Boomer” now. It’s probably one of those things where they don’t know what it means but they think it’s a “hip” thing to say like “off the hook” or “I’m’o put you on blast”… old timers are trying to get it in the ether and put the pussy on the chainwax with all this carebear nullsec farming tomfoolery…

Sigh. Do you know how weird it is to be clustered together with Scoots, Merin, tutucox, Destiny, and Solstice at the same time? This is just… this is just ■■■■■■■ weird… not the kind of crowd I want to hang out with all at the same time all at the same place, maaaaaaan.


Like what? Renter trash that was too weak to survive without their PvP avoidance tool? That isn’t anything of value.

I check you’re KB , i see why you defend cloacky you are unable to kill soemone without using it.

Oh really? Just which kills on this character involved cloaking?

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Just a playful thought: blackout for cloaks. 66 days of cloak free nullsec. If someone drops the game after that… well… i guess nothing of value will be lost if they will be too weak to exist without cloak as their only thing they base their PVP on.

Nulsec was not cloack free. You wads here ? no i do’nt think. Cloacky ship in a lot of system to drop people whent hey start do thing to make they do’nt play. And no counter to hunt the cloacky boys. That the whole problem.

It’s funny you cry only aftyer the cloacky things… cloack is so … sensible ? All other argument no one answer. It’s like some people are affraid to loose the permac cloack.