End-of-Line, Wormhole PVP Training Corp

“In the Name of Bob, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful”

End-of-Line is a group of old wormholers returning to anoikis with the goal of reclaiming our place in Bob’s Holy Land while training a new generation of wormholers in the ways of the hole.

Currently we reside in a C4 static C5/C4, which provides good money and long, wandering chains for hunting and exploration.

We offer:

-Training for the young wormholer from experienced veterans
-Profiteering PVP opportunities
-Blops and cloaky hunting
-Opportunities to make dank isk in both corporate and non-corporate jew fleets

What we require:
-Scan skills to 4
-T2 medium weapons in at least least one race
-Bonus consideration to Logi, Booster, and Ewar pilots
-One racial cruiser to 5
-Applications to log in to SEAT as part of our background check

The ideal candidate for us:
-Willingness to learn
-Self-Motivated in exploration, hunting, and PVE
-Understands PVE supports PVP
-Works well with others
-Thick skin
-At least eighteen years of age, as most of our guys are middle age

To apply, please contact:
Grim Dredtog
Archon Primarch





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Come blow ships up with us

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Looking for extra EU bros to gank poorly fit battleships with us, come along o/

El bumperino, a less poorly fit rattlesnake blew up tonight, courtesy of EOL, EU division, come join the fun

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