EndeavorAfter - Corporation Recruitment

Corporation: EndeavorAfter
Hello, We are a small corp that spends time jumping back and fourth from High Sec to Null sec. Currently the activities we engage in are as follows:-High Sec Activities
fleet mining operations - but only when we are bored as hellllllll.
Incursions Most of our pilots are very good at them in multiple roles with a certain group, and would love to help you understand how to get in on the action and show you what kind of ship you’d need for your specific role.
Moving Ships - We can assist pilots in moving a large # of ships, especially from the old incursion focus to new focus.

-Low/Null Sec Activities
PvP camps and roams - This is something we have been expanding on, but have been limited with what we can do by the number of pilots on, our typical fleets are 4-7 pilots at the moment, would love to aim for around 10-15 (but recruiting is a major pain in the ass)
Bomber Runs - with limited pilots this has also been limited, but all of our pilots can fly the Manticore, and we have Y33ted ourselves with a null-sec filiment quite a few times just to try and release some dopamine as people scream in panic when they see bombers drop cloak.
Nullsec Office - Corp hanger included, for any specific corp ops if you can use one of our fits we will give you a fully fit ship out of our current Null-sec office. We have hulls ranging from frigates to battleships(most ops using cruisers/HACs as the main function), free metal for you to throw into the grinder.
Occasional Wormhole Spelunking - Because why the hell not.
Citadel - Within the next 30-45 days we will be anchoring a Null-Sec citadel.Taxes? No Taxes…screw the IRS(even the CCPIRS)

Come blow some ■■■■ up with us today! Also don’t be a dick, unless there is tasteful humor in it…then go ahead. Message: BravoEchoNovember, or Smackyfrog for more details!

I feel it is important to note that currently we don’t have any side of the current gigantic war (that one where the “T-rex&friends” is taking a ■■■■ on the “bumblebee&friends”). We aren’t super against taking sides…we just haven’t gotten around to it.

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