Ending NPC null cancer

So a permit system like with the old control towers to permit players to jump in or out capital ships inside npc owned nullsec systems to reduce the capital ship cancer. This doesn’t impact players who fly around their capital ships in null sec but also makes it a risk to use their capital ship outside of sov space as well as encouraging players to pve in null sec if they want to jump around their cap ships. This mechanic could also extend to bridging potentially, which shouldn’t be an issue if there is a long term interest in the npc areas of null sec.

CCP won’t do it.

They won’t make Eve fun.

Nice idea though.

But is is working the other way around - inhibitors, and no one can jump.

the real cancer in null sec is the bots but ccp wont do anything meaningful about that particularly now that the new bosses are in charge.

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It’s not a practical thing in reality and is only situational especially when organised. Inhibitors are useful in fleet engagements but it can be easily trounced when trying to trap a capital without much support, even so inhibitors are a more active element of gameplay and this is a passive element of gameplay

I dont think players with capitals are much of an issue in npc nullsec… its not usually these folks that have them in abundance so not sure where your coming from with this.

I guess unless your ivy league and cant smell the [BUMS] bait cruiser a mile away… i mean, its literally pretty much all they do atm…
and adding different fuel requirements would not change a thing on that front.

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