Energy grid upg -> electronics upg

quite simple put;
Energy Grid Upgrades skills should be moved into Electronics upgrade.

they to familiar not to be the same skill and the mods should be merged under the same skill.
so, either an overhaul and remove of the skill EGU
or divided it and make shield mods go under shield managment/operations, battery under cap managment etc etc… and or just rename energy grid upgrade to into Advanced Electronics Upgrade.

im V in both electronic and energygrid upgrades, so i dont care.
just pointing out a misstake.

This has got to be a troll post.
Energy Grid Upgrades

Electronics Upgrades

First off, they’re two completely different skills, so

this is wrong.

You obviously cared enough to make this post.

I don’t see how you explain this is ‘mistake’. The skills do different things and impact different modules.


And it is obvious what he wants. Get a refund for one of these two skills, have 500k additional SP for other areas.

Weapon Upgrades and Advanced Weapon Upgrades are almost identical, too. Let’s merge them!


If they’re already at it: A battlecruiser is a battlecruiser is a battlecruiser is a battlecruiser. Let’s merge all those different sipskllls back into one respectively.


Are you serious?
YES OFCOURSE, dont you want 500k free sp? if not, we can work that out and i can grab your 500k aswell :slight_smile:
(its about getting free sp! not at all about asking sarcasticly and unenthusiastic about a tooltip clarification that has bugged me ever since i started to play eve.)

lol. i am aware the skills do diffrent things.
my point is “installing electronic upgrades” is in a normal (non-autistic) way, much the same as installing a better battery.

I dont care that there is two skills that i “need” to train. or well i guess i do? …free sp is free sp
but for this topic, i dont care about THAT, i only care about the miss representation of the skill text.

I dont care if they rename or move/merge the skills.
And yes, i care enough about EVE to voice my concerns.

I can change a car battery but I can’t rewire my smart TV. To me they are two vasty different skills, both in Eve and rl.

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